Anything Bizarre In The Westmeath Topic?


W01 (1)-page-001Yes.

Via Ronan Casey of the Westmeath Topic (story unavailable online):

A Mullingar mother of three young children who tore up election literature in front of a local politician has been hit with a litter fine of €150 after the candidate in question reported her to the local Council.
Michelle Byrne (32) said: “….. The candidate pushed the leaflet through the letterbox and I pushed it back out. He then proceeded to push the leaflet through the letterbox again.I opened the door and told him I didn’t want any election material…and I proceeded to tear up the leaflet.” As the candidate left, Ms. Byrne picked up the pieces of paper and put them into the rubbish bin outside her residence….”
The next morning she was notified by registered post of a €150 fine...


Who would do such a thing?

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