Full Nest Syndrome


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[The Consumer Show reporter Tadhg Enright and his parents and ‘staff’]

It’s cheaper/better than an hotel.

Fergus McCormack writes”

“The rise of the Boomerang Kid – those who have been forced to return to the family home due to economic circumstance – is being compounded by a lack of affordable housing. The ERSI has predicted that young Irish people will be forced to live with their parents until they are 35 unless significantly more houses are built.
The Consumer Show survey by Behaviour & Attitudes revealed that 11% thought adult children living at home should pay NOTHING towards the running of the home and 19% thought they should look after their own food and living expenses, but nothing else.
At the other extreme, only 6% of those who answered our survey thought working children should pay their parents the market rate of rent plus an equal share of bills.
Forty per cent of those surveyed thought that adult children should make a contribution based on a proportion of their wages and an average of 29% of wages was thought to be a fair amount…”


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