When Dogs Fly


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A preview from National Geographic of the upcoming independent short film about extreme athlete Dean Potter and ‘his little family’s vacation in the Alps, ‘When Dogs Fly’.

Already documented in detail on NatGeo’s Adventure blog, the preview features Whisper, the  miniature Australian cattle dog Dean takes BASE-jumping with him. Dean sez:

I’ve never had a close call wing-suit flying. I practice a very conservative form of human flight. When I fly with Whisper, we only jump off the safest cliffs in the world with the longest and cleanest rock drops. This allows Whisper to go on amazing, long mountain climbs and hikes with us, instead of being trapped in the car or left at home. It was mostly a matter of practicality of not wanting Whisper to miss out on incredible mountain dog-walks that led us to wing-suit flying together.


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