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An award-winning, side-stepping short by Breton animator Arthur De Pins. To wit:

The crabs of the Gironde estuary in France face a serious handicap: they can’t change direction and are obliged to follow the same straight line their whole lives. How do they cope with this tragic fate?


A short by Oscar-nominated Chinese animator Siqi Song centres around her family’s New Year’s Eve tradition and the comforting thought of home, when you’re far from it. To wit:

On Chinese New Year, finding the coin hidden in a dumpling (Jiaozi) brings good luck. A girl loses a jar on her journey to a new country, which contains the lucky coins she has been collecting growing up. Her new life begins with a search for the coin.


There’s nothing more peaceful and reassuring as the night sky. Until, as German educational design studio Kurzgesagt reminds us, you realise it’s full of huge objects whizzing about at terrifying speeds. To wit: is big, and so the stars of the Milky Way are very unlikely to hit us. Unfortunately, they don’t have to hit anything to make us have a really bad time on earth. And there are already stars starting to get very close.

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You’ll like this.

‘Villon Song’ by East London minimalist folksters Stick In The Wheel (Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter), animated by Daniel Hardiker and Neil Hetherington of ZEROH. 

cant song, translated into London slang by W.E. Henley – a ‘straight tip to all cross coves’. To wit:

For all your efforts to get money it’ll only be your ruin: “Booze and the blowens cop the lot”.


A nicely baked short by Matthew Salton – and all true for all you know. To wit:

In 1968 Patty was a flight attendant, who realised she could smuggle prime pot in from Jamaica with relative ease, given her line of work. She is 77 years old now, and this is her version of what happened.


Recently graduated animator Alan Jennings introduces us to the everyday wonders of Mr Bill Jennings, aka ‘Captain Zero’ aka ‘Willie Lump Lump’ aka ‘Toots’ of Newbury, Vermont – a man of many mundane and fabulous talents. To wit:

“I once saw him twirl a couch on a single finger.”