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A cute short by Helsinki based animator Lucas Zanotto wherein children’s block toys mimic animal behaviours.


A very impressive video for the Chemical Brothers’ ‘Free Yourself’ (released in September, their first original track since 2016) shot at Printworks in London and directed by DOM&NIC with effects provided by The Mill.


Chubby chopped Russian mog Hosico – deftly rendered with a few strokes of the  brush.

He almost looks real.


A stunning time-lapse compilation of clouds dumping their payloads of rain, captured by storm chaser Mike Oblinski.

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Travel back to 2010 and a device created by YouTube tinkerer Forssa1 that combined RGB LED lights and a high speed gyroscopic spinning gimbal to either (a) teleport to random locations in the galaxy, (b) mesmerise stoners or (c) tear a hole in the space time continuum.

You be the judge.


In the latest edition of Vanity Fair’s Slang School, Girls’ Generation K-popster Tiffany Young breaks down some popular Korean slang.

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A compilation of every Marvel movie and TV cameo appearance from 1989 to 2018 by the late, great Stan Lee who died on Monday aged 95.


A WIRED mini-documentary about the Gravity Jet Suit – an impressive gas turbine contraption designed by British engineer Richard Browning capable of 50km/h air speeds but requiring a considerable level of skill and stamina to control.


Ten years in the making, this is what self-taught animator Chris Thomas describes as ‘the world’s first stop-frame animated Western.’

It’s completely unhinged.