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An experimental  graduation short by Royal; College Of Art student Alex Bernas: a personal narrative about the parent child relationship pitched midway between abstract and mainstream animation.


A clever placement by Brazilian tattoo artist Menace with two related perspectives of the same beetle, depending on the position of the recipient’s elbow.


An illuminating state-hopping compilation of memorable TV and movie accents, deconstructed by US dialect coach Erik Singer.


A very satisfying, possibly ASMR-inducing video from the Magnetic Games channel in which footage of magnetic sculptures being broken down is played in reverse.

Headphones and full screen for maximum frisson.


In the first instalment of a new series about space exploration, web education channel Kurzgesagt explains how we could easily colonise the moon within 10 years, assuming we could afford to do such a thing.

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How the LOL of the 1830s became America’s, and subsequently the world’s favourite abbreviation. To wit:

Young Boston intellectuals in the early 1800s used a humorous code of abbreviated phrases, like “KC,” or “knuff ced”; “KY,” “know yuse”; and “OW,” “oll wright.” And while most of them eventually fell out of fashion, one abbreviation persisted: “OK,” or “oll korrect.

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An impressive construction by block geek Shadow Elenter, to wit: 

A LEGO technic bomb squad robot built with six S Bricks, 19 motors, a laser, lights and an electromagnet.

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‘Softbody Tetris’ – an ongoing Cinema 4D project by C4D4U.

Who else suddenly wants to eat jelly straight from the packet?


An award-winning Animal Farm style sociopolitical allegory by Greek animator Nassos Vakalis inspired by the economic crisis in southern Europe but, more especially, Greece.