Body & Soul Forecast



[last year’s Body & Soul festival]

Going to The Body & Soul Festival in Ballynough Castle, Co Westmeath (June 20-22).

The outlook with DJ Ickis Mirolo.


“Friday will be largely dry with good spells of being completely in bits. There’s a risk of just the odd light passing bad buzz during the afternoon, mainly across family campsites, but most places will see none at all. Highest intake 17 to 20 cans, in a light to moderate southwesterly fashion, with a few come ups developing near the evening.


“Saturday will be largely dry but a few existential crises will increase from the Atlantic, bringing a little patchy rain or bad vibes, mainly in the darker dance arenas where it will turn misty too. Lowest vibes will be at 10 to 12 degrees, with light to moderate mad buzz winds inland, fresh faces along the west for those who saved themselves for Darkside’s set who ‘expect to feel the effects of the 2cb “any minute now”.


“A few dry jocks and a sprinkling of crusty knickers in most areas on Sunday, with warm sunshine developing, especially in the southern half of the Festival, it will be cloudy for a time whilst you realise that you’re wasting your life and that sessioning all the time isn’t sustainable. Last ditch attempts at finding bag of beak with a little patchy drizzle of change near coastal regions early in the day, but craic will improve in all areas as you drink half a bottle of cough syrup and stop overthinking everything so fucking much. Highest temperatures 18 to 23 degrees, with light to moderate southerly winds.”


Ickis Morolo (Facebook)

Thanks Hugh McGoo

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