Free This Afternoon?



In Sligo?

A ‘funding-free’ alternative Yeatsday celebration, you say?

Drumcliffe Tea House right beside the grave of Yeats [Drumcliffe, Co Sligo] are having a birthday party for the 149-year-old dead poet from 3-5pm TODAY.

What’s on offer?

Yeats Cakes! Free chocolate Muffins with Moon and Stars icing! Whiskey Biscuit Cake (also known as WBCake). Free Biros! Silly string! A guy running around shouting out Poetry!

PLUS artist Annie West will be standing around ambushing greeting random passers by with free postcards, “whether they want them or not”.

Annie writes:

“There will be many attempts to raise Yeats from the dead, or at least make him spin in his grave : Misplaced apostrophes. Reckless use of multiple exclamation marks. Misquotes all over the graveyard.
Middle aged scruffy women stepping around graves at Drumcliffe with dainty feet, muttering and arguing about whether Yeats is actually down there or still in France….”

You had us at scruffy.

Drumcliffe Tea House

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