Loving The Brazilian



They come here all tan and young and tall and pretty.

*Shakes fist*

Gus (above partially obscured) writes:

“I’m a Brazilian film student and I’m one of those foreign students who have been having trouble with immigration to extend our visas.
I’ve been living in Ireland for 4 years and now I’m studying my ass off to get my MA in Film Production, but currently my visa is expired and I have to wait till the authorities decide what to do with us. I just would like to say that there are indeed some of us who come here to study and try to succeed.
I’ve made a short portrait documentary on this very talented Brazilian musician who made and produced his first EP here in Ireland.
I also shot a music video for “Love like this” from Kodaline. I have been trying to show this to the lads, but haven’t succeeded yet :/ If you guys could help to promote my work maybe it will help me to achieve what I want. Of course only if you find it interesting anyway…”

Gus can be reached at broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Gus’.

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