Spare The Whip



John Gallen writes:

On the UK paedophilia scandal…. and the cover ups.(video only 48 secs)  From the You Tube poster: ‘Footage has emerged of a former Conservative MP suggesting to the BBC in 1995 that party whips might not disclose certain behaviour of colleagues including that “involving small boys.” Tim Fortescue (top), who was a senior whip in Sir Edward Heath’s government from 1970-73, claimed that MPs would “come and ask if we could help and if we could, we did” and he goes on…. “it might be debt, or it might be.. ummm.. a scandal involving small boys“.

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18 thoughts on “Spare The Whip

  1. John Gallen

    Soooo, I take it these guys will be compelled to tell all …or go to jail. Right? he basically admits to covering up scandals of paedophilia to further his own career… jebus wept !

    Or will it be just a repeat of the paedo protection racket that went on and goes on in the RCC?

    1. Odis

      “Or will it be just a repeat of the paedo protection racket that went on and goes on in the RCC?”

      Off to a good start!
      112 files have been lost or destroyed. (Note that they know the exact number)

      The Brits have files on Mary Magdalen FFS

  2. Francesco

    I can’t think what contrary alignment ABM will take on this? Obviously he’ll want to be pro-conservative, anti-child but what if the kids were Catholic?

    Has anyone pointed out the disturbingly appropriate statue behind the paedoscuser?

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Clearly these MPs were Alpha Males, making the world better so we lowly betas could get women. In that sort of situation what’s a few children sacrificed to the slaking of their mighty appetites?

  3. phil

    Have a google around , its just amazing the characters who might be implicated, there is a list going around from a place called Elm Guest House, and other suggestions that go right to the top , higher than Government … Also suggestions about why Jill Dando was murdered

  4. Formerly known as

    Is it OK to want to see some old Tories get sent to the big house (I was going to say ‘go down’ but thought better of it)?

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