9 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Capt Farrell

    Where’s the Indo and Sunday Times? You always say more to follow, but they rately fo.

  2. Hank

    I don’t know who Nicole is but “Pop star Nicole hits out at NI teenager”
    As if the girl isn’t going through enough already.
    Fupp off Nicole.

    1. Wheeltap & Shunter

      It’s probably nothing. “Hits out” is newspaper for “mentioned”, just like “rant” is newspaper for “opinion”.

  3. Coax

    The Genocide taking place right now in Palestine is given no front page coverage on the Irish Papers.

  4. Odis

    Thank heavens that the English newpapers aren’t piling on the national embarrassment that is the Garth Brooks affair.

    1. cluster

      They have bigger fish to fry. They are slowly finding out that their establishment behaved much like the Catholic Church that everybody has been disgusted by

      1. Odis

        Cluster – Is it reasonable to expect the Catholic church to have some moral values? Probably. Though I sincerely doubt that extend this expectation to the British establishment.

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