14 thoughts on “Housetree

  1. Mark Dennehy

    It’s very pretty, but if that tree gets needlecast disease (the fir tree take on Dutch elm disease), your house value’s going to fall faster than it would in a forest fire…

  2. Optimus Grime

    This house would give Dermot Bannon a serious hard on! All that light flooding in with floor to ceiling windows!

  3. Gers

    Very nice but can never get why they bother when it never catches on as the design are so out of this world?!

    1. Tom Stewart

      Sometimes it’s just art.

      Sometimes something is done just to prove that it can be done, even if not yet feasible.

  4. Nuala

    Nonsense. Sure you’d spend half the day hoovering the pine needles. Would have you demented so it would.

  5. Count Chuckula

    As my poor old mother used to say, “live with a tree and you live with all the things that live on the tree”
    Wise words.

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