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Behold the Interstellar restaurant created as part of  the Millesime Mexico 2019 haute cuisine festival at Mexico City’s Centro Citibanamex, partly inspired by the film of the same name and designed by Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio.

The bookcase and suspended books reference one scene from the movie while the black interior and mirrored tables reflect 250,000 LED ‘stars’.


Luxury ‘tree suites’ in a forest near the Austrian town of Kitzbühel designed by Milan based studio Peter Pichler Architecture (you’ll recall Peter’s Dolomite treehouses). 

Envisioned as part of a new ‘7-star hotel resort’, the 60-80m³ cabins and their exoskeleton trestles are made from locally sourced wood. Accessed by glass elevator straight from the forest floor, each has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, sauna and balcony overlooking the pine forest canopy.


Zaha Hadid Architects’ winning submission to create a new Rail Baltic terminal in the Estonian capital.

Designed (like a flow diagram of circulation routes) as a transport hub that also serves the function of a public bridge, Ülemiste terminal will accommodate buses, trams and the start point of a new 870km high speed electric railway connecting to Riga and Vilnius.


Incredibly detailed architectures by artist Benjamin Sack – surreal geometries and labyrinths rendered in pencil and pen, many inspired by cosmological symbols and what the artist describes as his own ‘fear of blank spaces’.

Sack’s work ‘Labyrinths’ exhibits at the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin until next January, if you’re passing.


Behold: the Holmsland Dune House, designed by Studio Viktor Sørless: perched on an isolated stretch of the Danish coast: an elevated, formed concrete cruciform, each wing of which points in one of the four cardinal directions.

Inspired by the 2010 Roman Polanski film ‘The Ghost Writer’, the combined effect of the changing light and the building’s extensive glazing is designed to create cinematic panoramas of the windswept coast as requested by the owner, an “absolute cineaste”.


Behold: the Naustet Stokkøya Boathouse on the island of Stokkøya in northern Norway.

A traditional minimalist spruce cabin fitted out in modern Scandinavian style with a luxurious kitchen (where you can either cook or leave it to a gourmet chef), sauna, hot tub, outside grill and local beach access. Four loft sleeping platforms suspended below the ceiling offer skylight views of the sunset, dawn, Aurora and what have you.

You book the whole place for €1000 a night.