Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine



Don’t blame it on the ‘good times’.

Blame it on the silent boogie.

Chris Doyle writes:

“Naas Road Junction yesterday evening  Sorry there is no accompanying disco soundtrack  Came complete with studded dog collar although you can’t make that out in the video….”

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31 thoughts on “Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine

    1. Rumpleforeskin

      They are idiots. Stupid, stupid idiots and they are becoming more prevalent, not less…

  1. Stapler

    Look at that guy there. Enjoying life. Let’s record him and put it on the internet and let people make fun of him.

    You’re also driving your car with your mobile in your hand ye twerp.

      1. Stapler

        Yep. Twerp. I had a better word but had a feeling the comment wouldn’t have been posted.

  2. trampa

    he used to do the path of the apple green in inchicore long ago, we miss him quite a lot
    good to see him still in good form
    mad as a hatter

  3. Tom Stewart


    Just doing something silly (and harmless), presumably to give himself and others a laugh.

    1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

      Is he your man that used to be up in inchicore near the canal? Don’t think he’s quite right, might be in bad taste to be laughing at him

  4. Bobby

    He’s been going a long time now. Last time I saw him he was dancing with his reflection in a shop window on Henry Street. I don’t think it’s right that he’s posted on Broadsheet, though.

    1. DaveM

      Why not? It looks as if he is enjoying the attention.Whats the harm?He doesnt seem to be taking himself to serious.

      1. Bobby

        I think he’s completely oblivious to what’s going on around him, is possibly mentally ill and (presumably) hasn’t consented to this recording nor the posting of it on one of the most popular websites in Ireland. Just my opinion.

        1. Splonk

          Consent doesn’t come into it at all, If you are in a public place you can be photographed or taken on video, consent is not needed in Ireland

          1. Mark

            That is a ridiculous statement you should be ashamed.

            In no way is this site one of the most popular in Ireland.

  5. Skepper

    He used to be known as the Peter’s Road dancer. There’s a few Youtubes out there of his old self.

  6. the good helen

    took you 5 seconds to pull off when lights went green due to you doing this video.. I’d have blasted your ass!!! JUST LIKE THAT!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!

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