Not Allowed At The Big Table


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Enda Kenny and Tanaiste Joan Burton unveil the new cabinet of junior ministers this afternoon at government buildings.

Sherlock you can’t be serious.


(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

18 thoughts on “Not Allowed At The Big Table

      1. Helen

        In light of Labour’s vigorous implementation of the austerity program (especially in their savage attacks on the poor and working poor), Labour is best defined as rightwing. There are other parties and independents to vote for besides SF.

        1. George Loves Pies

          As you wished the gone I discounted them from my count.
          Independents are pointless in our electoral system, for every Claire Daly or Shane Ross we get a local celebrity like Mick ‘I was never a developer/whats PRSI’ Wallace.

          The socailist workers party etc etc are too idealistic to actually do anything worthwhile.
          People against Profit and too busy making sure they are so beyond reproach on supporting every left wing bleeding herat cause that they will never go national.

          We need FG & FF to just accept that they are 2 sides of the same coin join together and then for whats left of Labour and the other left wing parties to join together and get a propper left / right system.

          Leave SF on the side till they rid themselves of the nonsense that is gerry adams and his resident bully girl / denier Mary Lou.

          Oh and of course Ming, Ming will rule us all eventually !

          1. Helen

            Agree that FG and FF are two sides of the same coin. But Labour is the same as FG and FF. The austerity agenda they so viciously pursued in government is equal (if not in excess) of any thing FG or FF have ever done. Labour attacked the poor and working poor in a disturbingly savage way.

        2. Mark Dennehy

          Who? Seriously, now.
          The greens? Who are happily taking a pro-homeopathy, anti-fluoride, anti-vax position in healthcare, not to mention a raft of other daftness?
          The “Reform Alliance”? Yeah, I’d rather elect the Pope, at least then it’d be out in the open.
          The communist party/socialist party/any one of ten other small parties that can’t field enough candidates to make a difference in the Dail even if every one of their candidates got every first preference in their constituency?
          Or the single-issue independents who might be for one issue you agree with, but are raving lunatics on forty others? And who can’t compete with the party structure in the Dail because of the whip system?

          I’d love to have an alternative, i honestly would; I’m just not seeing one.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      As James Connolly said in 1895 or so, there are no different parties, but “two sections of one party – the party of property”. Plus ça change, plus c’est la mème chose…

  1. Odis

    Not naming them? Bodger how transparent are you?

    The one on the right with the pink tie is Michael Ring, I think.

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