The last moments of Flight MH17, understood to be a Boeing 777.


Russia Today presenter Eunan O’Neill reports the Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said “we didn’t do it”.

Malaysian Airlines Plane Crashes On The Ukraine Russian Border (NewYorkDailyNews)

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39 thoughts on “In Ukraine

  1. Am I Still on This Island

    Looks like it was shot down using Gadfly or Grizzly – BUK missile system. It will make It nearly impossible to identify who shot it down. Used by Russian and Ukrainian military and probably in the hands of irregular forces in Ukraine

    1. jungleman

      Seems the intelligent guess would be that the rebels fired it without proper information as to what they were firing at. Apparently the BUK system can be operated in such a manner by the local operator of the launch system.

  2. Papi

    Why were Norwegian airlines refused to fly over Russian airspace 5 hours before, on the exact same route? What do not Something is very fishy. Using a buk rocket (how do they know that already?) is a good cover.
    Jim Corr

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      Based on irregular forces claiming to have downed a military jet using the Gadfly around the same time today

  3. ThePeople'sHero

    Interesting spin from the Russian side… RT reporting that the Ukrainian’s* intended target was in fact Putin’s plane of which was flying in the region only two hours earlier…

    *the broad assumption and implication that the Ukrainians fired the missile….

  4. Formerly known as

    Very sad news. The question as to why commercial airlines were flying over a disputed zone, where Unkrainian military planes had been shot down, needs to be answered.

  5. cluster

    Wonder how all these well-educated Westerners feel about working as Putin ptopagandists.

    Was away on business for a few weeks and kept picking up snippets of the different rolling news channels. The likes of BBC and CNN and even Al Jazeera have agendas to some degree but RT is atrocious – pure Russian govt spin

    1. Ron

      @Cluster… were you expecting something different from the propaganda channel for the Russian government…. In 2013 President Putin stated “Certainly the channel is funded by the government, so it cannot help but reflect the Russian government’s official position”

    1. Ron

      Jim Coor.. is that you????…yeah.. this was all done to distract us from the Garth Brooks saga..

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