No Time For Gaza


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Tánaiste Joan Burton during Leader’s Questions today

The Toll in Gaza and Israel, Day by Day (New York Times) – warning: contains upsetting images

Israeli officials say ‘comprehensive ceasefire’ agreed – live updates (The Guardian)


35 thoughts on “No Time For Gaza

  1. Panty Christ

    And all the effort they went through to get Garth brooks gigs on.. We are a barmy nation

    1. Nigel

      Actually we’re lucky and somewhat priveleged, for all our more serious problems. Israel/Palestine would probably love to be in a situation where a story as daft as the Garth Brooks saga could take off. Don’t knock it.

  2. Planet of the Missing Biros

    “Tanaiste will not allow Gaza debate”

    In other words, America overlords will not allow Gaza debate in our parliament. Enda the Idiot has no power.

    1. Karl Monaghan

      That’s somewhat unfair – there’s been plenty of debate about Gaza in the Dáil before and Ireland is seen as the least friendly country in the EU towards Israel.

      1. zynks

        That would explain why there seems to be so many anonymous pro-Israel commenters in many Irish sites. I couldn’t understand the ‘attention’ from what might be propaganda agents.

      2. Sidewinder

        Which is why we’re labelled as an anti-semetic nation by many Israeli papers too.

        Although tbf there have been lots of anti-semetics in politics in Ireland. A few close descendants of them still around too…

        1. scottser

          a robust criticism of israel over its treatment of its palestinian subjects is not anti-semitic if the same criticisms are made of other nations. we are (or at least should be) equally critical of our own state’s failings towards its citizens. the tendency to scream ‘anti-semitic’ at every criticism of israel’s failure to commit to a peace process, or come up with another flimsy excuse to kill palestinian civilians is a self-defeating exercise.

        2. Violet

          In fairness, if your farts smell faintly of pork there are papers in Israel which will label you anti-semitic.

  3. postmanpat

    Why? Grass roots Nationalist (catholic) solidarity with Muslims against christ killing Jews at any opportunity? What is there to discuss? Enemy of my enemy is my friend old world BS ? Israel is an official non-secular country. We are officially a secular country. Sinn Fein are an national embarrassment.

    1. Oisin

      Israel are officially killing kids playing football on beaches, but in a secular way so thats fine.

    2. missred

      “Official” means f***-all either way in practice when you openly segregate and discriminate your citizens based on ethnicity and religion.
      Also, it isn’t very relevant that folks in Ireland who stand in solidarity with folks in Palestine are Catholic, or that a large proportion of Palestinians are Muslim – it is the empathy from having your land occupied that attracts. Of course, as soon as nationalists up the north started putting Palestinian flags on their houses, loyalist types put up Israeli ones just to annoy them. In that case, your “Enemy of my enemy is my friend” theory would absolutely apply to them.

  4. Moan

    I really hate Sinn Fein but fair play to them here, and shame on the rest of thebDáil.

    Was Shatter there standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza?
    Maybe he was too asthmatic.

      1. bisted

        …Shatter has been a long time apologist for the Israeli regime. During the last large scale massacre of over 1400 Palestinians in 22days in 2008 he was constantly in the media justifying the Israeli action.

        It went without much comment that Enda Kenny made a trip to the Middle East in the past few weeks. This was to undo the damage done to the reputation of Irish peacekeepers by Shatter. What was ostensibly a St Patricks day visit the troops turned into a holiday in Israel where he gave several interviews including a front page spread in the Jerusalem Post.

  5. phil

    Did you know when Israel was founded that they used our constitution as a template for their own. Had something to do with the special provision for a particular religion in our constitution…

    They really want us to understand and get on well with them , it just hasnt been going so well since 1948

  6. CK

    discuss what, how to be even more one sided against Israel or come up with more madey-uppy “embargoes” and boycotts? They might as well go on recess.

  7. guzzler

    Tk, ain’t nothing wrong with that 14″ Phillips, have one in shed/bar connected to saorview with rabbit ears. Top quality picture, CRT built to last…had it out in the garden during the world cup for bbq and beers..

  8. Florida123

    Sinn Fein don’t give a toss about Palestine, Israel or any other country in strife. All this is done in a conscious to soften the hearts of voters so they can get into power down south. It would answer them better to get their leader to be transparent about his connections to the IRA.

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