Alec Baldwin Versus TV3


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Of the redoubtable tweeter on fire AF writes:

Alec Baldwin calls TV3 liars, in case you missed it…

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6 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Versus TV3

  1. ben

    It’s not an interview! It doesn’t say it’s an interview … it just very carefully doesn’t *not* say it:

    ” … he explained to”

    It’s not a TV3 original, it’s copyright the “Cover Media Group”, which seems to be a Hong Kong PR agency with a really terrible website. They seem to have just culled and mangled quotes from other interviews/stories and stapled them together and just sort of hinted they had an interview without saying so.

  2. SOMK

    Baldwins in descending order

    1. Daniel -(Homocide life on the street!)
    2. William
    3. Alec
    4. Stephen

    Potential film idea involving all four Baldwins: ‘7 brides for 4 Baldwins’, a being John Malkovich-esque, existential, musical-pornography re-imagining of the MGM classic musical, re-imaging of ‘The Rape of the Sabine Women’ where the Baldwin brothers conspire to abduct their ex-wives in order to coerce them into signing less punitive alimonies.

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