42 thoughts on “The Hand That Feeds You

  1. Jimmy Ireland

    Beggars/choosers come to mind. We’ll see how they like loud Americans in the depths of Winter when there isn’t a sinner around.

  2. bozo

    The same idiots will be telling us that tourist business is down in Kerry and they long for the good old days.

  3. Bacchus

    you’d think bus or coach tours would be the lifeblood of places like that…. local frozen chips for local frozen people….

  4. Wayne.F

    You think that is bad! The DCC are removing the bus park in Nassau St in Dublin as part of thee cross city Luas works, & making it Dublin Bus only, not sure were the hundred or so bus tours that arrive in Dublin every day are meant to park now!

  5. Spot on, No bother

    Pack of inbred strange folk down in that neck of the woods anyway; narrow minds and narrow gene pools :)

    1. ahyeah

      Yeah that would be so cool. And imagine the local orphanage was hosting a birthday party there at the time. Belly laughs all round.

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