Banana Republic


-1 Seán Molloy writes:

Spotted in Mace in Leitrim at the weekend. I know Fyffes are irish and all … But is this a mistake by Mace. Or is this labelling “allowed” due to some loophole that means banana that are repackaged, labelled or separated and sold separately, are considered “processed in / produce of” Ireland.

Food for thought.

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35 thoughts on “Banana Republic

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      Maybe you can tell us about Bananas being racist, or maybe they don’t pay tax?

    2. Planet of the Missing Biros

      BS is dying on its feet. It won’t see 2015.

      All it takes is for another site, exactly the same (which would be very easy) to set up and be a bit funnier and more into shameless click baiting.

      You. Will. Fail.

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        Several medical experts said much the same about your rectum and yet here we are witness to a miracle.

  1. 478nist

    Ireland are actually the worlds largest exporter of bananas thanks to Fyffes, and I believe bananas aren’t classified as actually bananas until they’re ripe, which they’re not when they’re shipped here.

    1. Mister Mister

      I can’t believe there’s actually people in Ireland who still don’t know this.

      1. The People's Hero

        WHere the hell do people think the term(and song) Banana Republic came from? Apart from the cronyism and corruption that is!?!

    2. Anne

      If they’re not classed as bananas until they’re ripe, what are they classed as until they’re ripe?

      Soon to be bananas? Bananas in the making? Unripe bananas?

      Tis bananas..

  2. Formerly known as

    I am wondering why each one needs a label saying it is a “Single banana”. Surely, it is clear that each one is single.

    1. parky mark

      Not when there’s a bunch of them stacked on each other. The label is needed for the barcode. Do you know how they work?

  3. Nobbley

    According to our glorious tax law, bananas were manufactured in Ireland, al least up to 2010. Sufficient value add in the warehouse as the green inedible fruit it ripened into the glorious yellow thing to qualify as a manufacturing activity when manufacturing and services business were subject to different rates of taxation.

  4. collynomial

    Would you consider a FIAT to be an Italian car or a Polish one? No Fiat’s are built in Italy anymore however the headquarters are in Turin, Italy.

    Likewise Fyffes, headquartered in Dublin are able to call their product “Irish”.

    A better analogy might be found by considering the clothes of the Irish brand Penney’s, which we know are Irish, but of course are made in Sri Lanka.

    1. Rob

      They are both terrible analogies.

      A better one might be whether a shirt stitched together in Ireland out of Italian fabric could be considered an Irish shirt. Or butter from foreign milk being Irish butter? Though both of those are quite a bit more active than putting a banana in a warehouse and waiting for it to ripen, so maybe my analogies are also rubbish.

      1. Rob

        I’ve got it.

        If we are allowed to claim Daniel Day Lewis as an Irish actor, then I don’t think we can complain about this banana thing.

    2. Cian

      Fiat have plenty of manufacturing in Italy still including Turin – most of the rest are further south where labour is cheaper though.

  5. DaveM

    Yes,they are clearly Irish bananas.They lack bendyness, a quality mostly found in foreign bananas.I wouldn’t trust them.I would demand at least 37% more bendyness from my bananas.

      1. Yeahright

        Not really. Perhaps you’re mixing them up with penises. Which is far from hygienic, frankly

      2. DaveM

        Sorry Anne,substitute the words bendyness for concaveness.The rigidity of said bananas is a seperate issue.

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