Healy Rae Vs Wildlife




Wipe them out. All of them.

But enough about rural political dynasties.

Jerry Sullivan writes:

“Cllr Johnny Healy Rae [son of Danny] on Radio Kerry speaking about allegations that Kerry deer are spreading TB in Kerry cattle. (Dept Of Agriculture say no proof and that badgers are a much bigger problem in this area]…”


25 thoughts on “Healy Rae Vs Wildlife

    1. SOMK

      He’s a genius, a true artist, only he doesn’t reproduce his social value with paintings or plays, but he does it with absurdist images of him as a one man holocaust for deers and badgers, and by extension anything that isn’t a farmer from Kerry.

      The Healy Rays are to Irish (civil war) politics what Duchamp’s fountain is to art, the joke that should mean the whole thing falls apart, but it doesn’t, the joke (it is only art because it is in a gallery) is absorbed anti-art becomes a reaction to art and so a contribution to the ‘debate’ is absorbed into the canon of art history, so too the Healy Raes, you strip away everything you’re supposed to need to be an ideal politician (principles, intelligence (or the appearance of it), honour, honesty, etc.), you get it elected and hey presto you’re a politician, but everyone takes the joke seriously, for example when the Rubber Bandits are on Joe Duffy (re: ‘Horse outside’) he asks them to stop the “messing with the accent”, this doesn’t happen when the Heally Rae’s are on Liveline.

  1. Rep

    His logic seems to be that animals have to many rights so all the deer should be wiped out. Can we just wipe that family out. The fact that so may of them keep getting elected is a stain on the Kerry people.

    1. scottser

      nah, it’s just that folks whofarm deer, or work with deer and advocate for deer don’t drink in his pub. if they did, he’d be all over them like a cheap suit. they hypocrisy of that family is legendary.

        1. scottser

          i really don’t have time to go over ‘politics for dummies’ with you lad. if you think this is normal, rational behaviour then by all means vote for the schmo.

  2. medieval knievel

    i understand that deer can spread TB to cattle, so maybe the dept. are pursuing their own political agenda too…

  3. RC

    If i’m not mistaken, Sika deer hunting brings in a lot of revenue for kerry in the form of tourism

  4. ReproBertie

    I don’t believe this has anything to do with TB or farmers and everything to do with wanting deer hunting restrictions relaxed so that deer hunting trips can be arranged and money made.

  5. f-mong

    what if we exile all the seagulls and all the deer to Ireland’s Eye and let natural selection do it’s work?

    1. thefatlad

      But you could end up with a race of super flying-deer. And do you want that on your hands? DO YOU?

  6. Pablo Pistachio

    Ah sure didn’t he/they fix the roads. Let them do what they want. Deer, eagles…whatever. It’s a grand little bubble they live in down there.

  7. Joe Dirt

    oh jesus….i thought he may be referring to keeping Sika numbers in check which in principal is fine because they interbreed with the native reds but he wants to shoot the whole lot of them..my god what an imbecile!

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