44 thoughts on “Ask An American

  1. Peter81

    Regional Irish humour at the expense of unsuspecting American people.
    He’s not exactly stretching himself, is he?

  2. Larl Keavey

    Lets all laugh at the silly Americans who can’t speak Gaeilge and haven’t a clue about Pokemon

  3. jeremy kyle

    Hahaha! It actually means “can I go to the toilet” and he thought it meant something else because you told him it did, boy was there egg on his face.

  4. mauriac

    he really misunderstands the “jaywalking” concept.ask them how many toes they have or something.

  5. Always Wright

    So is this comedy now? Insufferable smartarse twit laughing at how little Americans know about Ireland? Does this eejit not understand that that’s like me having a laugh at him because he doesn’t know what sort of toothpaste I use?
    America is huge, unimaginably huge. There is ignorance and sophistication and genius and simplicity, and a vast spectrum of human experience, and of course there are going to be many people who are too busy living their lives to bother studying Irish culture.
    Enjoy the rest of your J1, but learn to keep your trap shut and look around.

  6. Freddy B

    Not funny. In fairness Dana ran for President twice so the Bono idea isn’t ridiculous.

    1. Fka

      No it doesn’t you humourless numpty. The video is harmless. The content is mediocre and predictable, nothing more.

      The bores and dry shites and screechy ponces that comment on here would make you sick.

  7. Sidewinder

    The guy with the baseball cap is clearly on something.

    (Not the ground or the footpath you sarcastic fupps)

  8. Jim Computer

    If I was surrounded by morons with opinions they’d like to share, about stuff they know nothing about, I think I might consider making a similar video.
    -And then I’d stop myself, because that would be a terrible idea for a video.

  9. gallantman

    This is the second least funny thing ever after getting a Spanish student to tell you a Spanish swear word and then saying that word ad nauseum.

  10. Smashmouth

    The girl in the blue top is lovely (apparently “smokin” is offensive)

    But she doesn’t like Pokemon :(

    Almost the perfect woman

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