10 thoughts on “Today’s Leaps Today

  1. Jim Computer

    I was on the Luas red line earlier today and passed through Rialto at about 4:40.
    The amount of kids, (under 30’s are kids to me) swimming in the canal has increased 4-fold on what it used to be.
    While the tram was stopped at the station we were treated to a haphazard display of ‘spectacular’ dives by 7 or 8 blokes who had lined up waiting from the tram, each one trying to out-do his predecessor. They weren’t very good, but they were entertaining.
    THEY know that the ‘flesh-eating’ bug thing was just a fabricated scare to keep them from enjoying themselves this Summer,

    A few stops earlier, near Goldenbridge I saw an overweight man in his 50/60’s swimming in the nip, his clothes neatly folded on the bank. – I thought that kinda thing only happened in the Royal Canal?

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