Controversial ‘Alternative Weatherman’ Ken Ring


The MuckSavage writes:

“Sitting in the office and decided to check what this ‘nutter’ predicted in January.
Temperatures are fairly constantly in the 20s after the 19th July, with the final three or four days in July possibly among the hottest for the season’.
Give this man a medal!”

NZ Weather Guru Predicts A Warm Summer (Lynne Kelleher, irish Examiner, January 2, 2014)

18 thoughts on “He Saw It Coming

  1. Niallo

    Headline news, Weather nice in middle of summer, who would have guessed !

    I predict miserable cold rainy days for January, just see if i’m wrong.

  2. octo

    Em, it’s to get colder from tomorrow. I think they’re the last 3 or 4 days in July, no?
    “During Saturday morning showery outbreaks of rain will spread further eastwards and become persistent or heavy in the north and east with the risk of thundery downpours. A clearance will follow from the west with fresher and drier weather as northwesterly winds increase moderate and occasionally fresh in the north. Highest temperatures will return to more normal values for the time of year and reach between 18 and 22 degrees, coolest in the north.

  3. Bob

    He predicted the weather for my (outdoor) wedding a few weeks back, and got it right to the minute, when Gerald Fleming told us it’d be lashing, the big eegit! Ken Ring is da man…

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