Make A Damn Fine Print Like These


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 Prints from Damn Fine Print’s Annie Atkins (Chimneys), Steve Simpson (Raglan Road) and  Peter Donnelly (Arthur Fields)

On Saturday, August 9 – from 11am to 5pm – the people from Damn Fine Print are holding a workshop for print enthusiasts.

It will cost €95 which will include all screen-printing materials.

Damn Fine print writes:

“This workshop is a basic introduction to silk screen printing. Beginners will learn a brief history of the art form, print room safety and ethics and gain guided hands on practice in the process of printmaking from start to finish – including preparing your black and white artwork for the medium, coating and exposing your screen, handling screen printing equipment and tools, setting up your workspace, working with water based inks and producing your very own A4 limited edition print run. You will learn to print, troubleshoot and experiment with colour and printing techniques – and leave with your very own limited edition prints!”

Those interested must submit an A4 size black and white image and saved as a JPEG/PDF/PSD file format by email one week in advance of the course to

One Day Screen Printing workshop – 9th August (Damn Fine Print)

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No cash, favours, prints, or ‘silk’ screens were given for this post.

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