beautiful-beast-martin-azua-05 beautiful-beast-martin-azua-06 beautiful-beast-martin-azua-091beautiful-beast-martin-azua
Beautiful Beast by designer Martin Azúa – a golden spider with very sharp flexible legs that grip the skin when applied. Martin sez:

The process of fastening is almost surgical, the skin is disinfected, it is applied and it is removed with a small mechanical artefact. The process is not free of danger and pain.

Fair enough.


10 thoughts on “Grippy

  1. Casey

    erm, call me an old fogey but I don’t get the appeal of this ….. along with tattoos, those earrings that punch holes in your ears that people can see through, tongue splitting and getting a bar put through yer balls …..
    I just don’t get it.
    But each to their own lads.

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