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A reminder from The School Of Life that there’s no such thing as ‘not being able’ to dance. To wit:

…the whole point is to move about wildly without shame – and that in doing so, we connect with others and with important forgotten bits of ourselves.

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Behold: the 1957 Toyota FJ25 Land Cruiser – originally designed as a US military vehicle for the Korean war, this 3.9l inline six powered variant is one of the rarest of all Land Cruisers, drawing on the best elements of the Jeep and Land Rover to create something even better.

Completely restored in 2018 and complete with Firestone military tyres, original hubs and onboard jerry cans, it’s yours for about €75,000.


Behold: the Kiwano Koi+ electric scooter – a single wheeled scooter capable of a pedestrian friendly 20km/h with a 1000W hub motor packing a 40km range.

The Koi+’s ‘mono-shock’ suspension system and chunky polycarbonate tyre soak up bumps and provide light off-road capability, including the ability to tackle 30 degree inclines.

Step on. Lean forward. It does this.

Yours for  around €1,152.