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Part of an underwater performance by British artist Sue Austin in her submersible wheelchair, customised with perspex fins and battery-powered propellors.

Part of a longer performance commissioned for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, filmed in the waters off Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt by Norman Lomax.


The mesmerising shenanigans of a large spiral of cut aluminium manipulated by designer and fabricator Chaz Capobianco (who may just have invented the new Slinky).


Stephanie Pokomy wins Halloween with a crocheted luminescent Slimer costume created for her son.

In fairness.


Nobody – not Batman, not Robin, neither their allies nor their nemeses – can resist the lure of the 1966 Batman theme tune or, indeed, the trap remix by RemixManiacs.

A short by Monster Truck Ninja.


A Music video for ‘War Dance’ by French electronic artist Thylacine, directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas, featuring a cast including Ukrainian dancers Katerina Belyavskaya, Ivan Zamiga and a lusty pas de deux by two tanks.