12 thoughts on “‘A Closed, Secretive And Silo-Driven Culture’

  1. Snoouchthebigoouch

    The Irish civil service – this guy is clearly unable to do his job, so let’s just move him somewhere else and close our eyes, cross our fingers and hope his ineptitude doesn’t cause any problems there.

    No blame or consequence will be attached to either him or the people who gave him the job about the fact that he was incapable of doing his job properly.

    Unions don’t ya love them…….

  2. Jdawg

    I would say these points would be the exact same for every government department if they were to review them all.

  3. Tomboktu

    Heh. The design of the cover is very like the design the Equality Authority used when Niall Crowley was its CEO.

    Only saying.

  4. Jackdaw

    So john mooney has appeared on the scene again. He was very quiet recently. I wonder why?

  5. Clampers Outside!

    FF have sommmmmmme feckin’ neck on them.

    They’d a spokesman on last night on RTE News and he was completely washing himself of anything to do with the Gardaí and the current state of it.
    Thankfully, the lovely Sharon had a go, telling him it takes a lot, lot longer for a “culture” like this to become ingrained in an organisation …a time which FF were in charge for the vast majority part. I mean seriously, FF would blame a one legged cat for burying a poo in the garden while holding the leash to a ratter dog breed.

    They fupping annoy me, they do. Stupid FF.

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