92 thoughts on “A Gift. A Curse. A Destiny.

  1. 8den

    So let me get this straight

    1. The cameraman and dozens of passerbys saw this and did nothing.

    2. This happened and no Garda were called or arrived? (the video lasts 2m44s is taken in broad daylight on Grafton street, a 999 called should take 30s, there were no Garda within two minutes of Grafton St when this happened)

    Joking aside Spiderman was more than capable of taking care of himself against this scumbag, but if the guy pulled a knife and stabbed him this could be a very different story,

    1. Atlas

      2. This happened and no Garda were called or arrived? (the video lasts 2m44s is taken in broad daylight on Grafton street, a 999 called should take 30s, there were no Garda within two minutes of Grafton St when this happened)

      You honestly think a Garda would actually do their job?

    2. Bacchus

      I’d say if Smackman pulled a knife a few passersby might get involved alright. Spidey was doing fine with his basic Aikido.

      1. parky mark

        Sorry, you are wrong. If someone pulls a knife on someone else people will not get involved. People don’t want to get stabbed.

          1. jungleman

            If I was walking up the street and some scumbag pulled a knife on a friend, relative, partner, or a random vulnerable person I would most definitely get involved, and if they pulled the knife during a scuffle I would get involved even quicker. I’m not trying to big myself up (I’m not under the impression that I have any fighting ability whatsoever), I just know that is how I would react. I’m certain that many other people would react in the same way.

          2. parky mark

            You don’t know how you would react until you are in that situation. It’s easy to say you’ll play the hero but you just don’t know.

          3. YourNan

            jungleman you read too many comic books, people will avoid getting stabbed, especially in this kip of a country where cops are very likely to arrest you too.

        1. Bacchus

          There were people just waiting to get involved if needed. Anyway, there’s quite a few plain clothes Gardaí in the area all the time. They were probably watching too.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Maybe you should perk your ears up. Spidey tells the thief he’ll not let him leave until the Gardaí arrive and the kerfuffle you see is Spidey detaining the robber.

      Happy now.

    4. postmanpat

      A knife wound wouldn’t be a problem. Spider-man has a fast healing factor, not as fast as Wolverine but good enough in a pinch.

    1. B Hewson

      Smackman who probably commits 100+ crimes a day and has multiple suspended criminal sentences would end up suing you for assault if you got involved.

      1. Mick Flavin

        The Sloth…
        Unrivalled reach, undermined by super slo-mo movement and need for regular rests.

    1. Luny Loo


      Thats the greatest achievement in the video. This is like a U rated spiderman, family viewing.

      If It was me, I’m afraid I would have clobbered him as a first reaction.

  2. dhaughton99

    “I done nuthin”. Fecking scourge.

    I think Spiddy is a chinese guy. Passed him the other day with my niece and we ran the other way. He’ll be getting 2 euro off me tomorrow when I’m passing.

    He was over in New York the other day but didn’t have such a great time.

  3. JunkFace

    Ha ha ha! Best day ever! :-D

    He should have thrown the junkie scumbag into the bin truck.

    1. Mick

      They are generally flighty little fuppers so I’m quite surprised with this one. Maybe Spider-Man got off easy.

  4. bingo

    Yeah it is funny, but somebody should have helped ! He is in a costume with no pockets he needed help getting his money back and keeping it , too many people in this world watching and laughing . Even Spiderman needs help sometimes !!

  5. Yo Mama

    I saw this happen. The Gards were called. It looked like they were more in favour of tracksuit guy. The first thing they did when Spidey took off his mask (no, he’s not Irish, but he’s not Chinese) was ask him for ID. They did not seem sympathetic to him whatsoever.

    1. Buzz

      I’d be concerned that the junkie will be back tomorrow with some backup and a syringe.

    2. Rob

      Identifying the people involved in an incident is the first step every time. Both those reporting crimes and those suspected of committing them.

    3. I, Scooperman

      The guards aren’t in to this spider dude at all. Keep moving him along. Not sure why.

    4. Norm

      Brazilian I’d say, in the video he says “não enche nóia” Portuguese for don’t stress me Junkie.

  6. blah

    Spidey seems to tell the guy at the end that the man in the tracksuit uniform robbed a woman.

  7. Atticus

    Just seen another video of it on FB that shows it from the start. The guy in the track suit was really getting stuck in. FairPlay to Peter Parker for remaining so restrained.

  8. Hellvetica

    Only thing is – have you seen the facial scars on some of the roughnecks that hang around Dublin these days?
    You can bet most of them carry knives. The ones at Aston Quay corner are pretty hardcore, .

  9. The Big Fella

    I live around the corner and have a batman suit. Why didn’t someone call me. Why?

  10. Planet of the Missing Biros

    The man dressed up as Spiderman is an asshole. He’s mocking the other man, despite what he did or didn’t do.

    There’s no context to this. We see what is supposed to be a funny situation and we’re all expected to mock and laugh and judge the man in the tracksuit, based on no evidence. You assume ‘Spiderman’ is the good guy because you make stupid associations with a fictional comic.

    If there was a crime committed, he should have made a citizens arrest in order to detain him. Instead, he has set himself up for an assault and false imprisonment charge.

    It’s the failure of normal policing laid bare in front of you all but you can’t see that. Idiots.

    1. Buzz

      @Planet of the Missing Braincells – I can see no evidence of false imprisonment. Tracksuit guy is free to go at all times but no, he keeps coming back at the Spiderman guy. There’s only one agressor here. Are we watching the same video?

    2. YourNan

      to be honest the only thing to do with these skangers is drop them in acid vats, no other use for them at all at all.

  11. Planet of the Missing Biros

    You all complain about the junkies and bums and scumbags but you never ask why they are there and what causes all the misery and poverty on the streets. You don’t want to know you mono-cultured selfish self entitled detached non-protesting docile fashion parade of w*nkers.

    1. WhoAreYa

      Saving the fupping world behind a keyboard and lecturing all of humanity?
      Be quiet and show a bit of respect for others.
      Thank you.

    2. Randy Ewing

      LOL you sound like great craic, do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to ?

      PS: Are you the OK Cupid guy with the list of stupid relationship rules ?

  12. DaveM

    Where is wonder woman and cat girl when the cameras are out,probably down in temple barf gettin’ mouldy.

  13. Gav D

    You’re all spelling Spider-Man wrong. Its Spider-Man. Not Spiderman.

    Govern yourselves accordingly.

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