Don’t Cnoc It


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Cnoc Suain, Spiddal, Connemara, Co Galway at the weekend.

“You may you’ve heard the news that Ed Sheeran was in town last weekend. He celebrated his cousin Laura Sheeran’s wedding over 3 days at Cnoc Suain, a cultural retreat in Spiddal.
The event was named ‘Wedstock’ and had a music festival theme to it, with acts such as Bell x1 and the Walls playing, an R&R tent, Ireland’s first Disco Gay Barn and much much more! Ed and his parents said it was ‘The best wedding they have ever been to’. The cottage Ed stayed is pic 3 along with a Monday morning pic of Ed and Dearbhaill Troy (above), organiser of the event and member of the family team at Cnoc Suain…”

Cnoc Suain, Spiddal

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29 thoughts on “Don’t Cnoc It

      1. Vinny

        True. Most of the stories/viral videos are at least 7-10 days old before they’re up here.

        *victory craft beer sip*

        1. Parky Mark

          Someone’s got to let the normals know what’s viral and funny, who cares if they are late to the party. You were probably the first of all your mates to post Gangnam Style to your Facebook profile.

  1. John E. Bravo

    Guess it’s the way the light is catching his hair, but only for the article I would believe that Ed was a cardboard cutout.

  2. LiamZero

    Aha, I passed a chap in the street about an hour ago and thought how unfortunate it was that he looked so much like Ed Sheeran.

    Must have been him. Poor Ed… He ain’t what you’d call a looker.

  3. Der

    Looks like a lovely day. Isn’t it nice that their superstar relation was able to celebrate with them. I hope they have a great life together, thanks for sharing.

    1. Der

      Not an Ed fan to be honest, he’s done well for himself but just not my cup of tea. I like being positive in the face of negativity is all, if that makes me a clown so be it!

    2. Kieran NYC

      Sounds like good craic of a wedding! Not the usual ‘beef or salmon’ and a bad covers band.

  4. cynical Mary

    awkward moment: when the ‘event organiser’ then has their photo taken with the famous guest

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