48 thoughts on “Forever Alone

  1. Casey

    what’s a bulky accent?
    What’s wrong with Zombie walks???
    The pedo remark is a real run for the hills indicator.
    Back away from the “nice” man now Emily….

    1. Jock

      I agree with 90%+ of this guy’s deal breakers. Zombie walks are infuriating for reasons an average pleb will never understand.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    The transgender comments are a little contradictory

    “Don’t belittle them” but then hey “Don’t you look weird”.

    Nut job.

  3. selfie sensation

    This chap has succesfully excluded every human female in the western world, he may also be slightly demanding.

    In fact I’ll wager he is looking for an Elle McPhearson Look a like who fits his list… Reach for the stars weird dater guy, reach for the stars!

    1. pedeyw

      I keep thinking how much fun it would be to go on a date with him and see how many of these traits you get through before he walks out. I’m guessing a lot because he’s probably very lonely.

      1. Anne

        I keep thinking how much fun it would be to go on a date with him and end up chopped up into tiny bits and dumped in the Liffey in bin liner bags.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          He seems quite particular this fella, he’d probably use strong durable bin bags and leave you out on a Tuesday for the Greyhound guys rather than litter the river with ya.

          Just sayin’

          1. Anne

            Just sayin’? hmm. I think you’ve put a bit of thought into that one.
            And there was me thinking butter wouldn’t melt..

  4. rmc

    I don’t know, I kind of agree with a huge amount of these things, I just wouldn’t exclude someone from my life/penis because of them.

    1. Odis

      Meh! pretending to be serious sort of fella who’s not just after a shag. I wonder how long he worked on this pasta.

      1. DaveM

        Fair play to ya Roisin and don’t forget to have a beer for breakfast tomorrow morning.
        Breakfast of champions.

    1. pedeyw

      I kind of agree with him on that one. I agree with him on a lot of it, but (with the exception of a few) none would be deal breakers.

          1. pedeyw

            I tried but apparently I would have had to have bought a ticket in the first place.
            Red tap,eh?

  5. Sheila

    Dang it, I’m out for these six reasons:
    -big headphones
    -tell people they have to watch tv show
    -browse photos of cats
    -more than one profile photo
    -pet mystery cats
    -take part in zombie walks

  6. Odis

    Jaysus, thank god that OK Cupid site is free. He wouldn’t want to be pulling that sort of fussy crap on a pay dating site.

  7. Ferret McGruber

    My wife exhibits none of those deal breaking traits and I love her beyond words.

  8. JunkFace

    Ha ha ha…this guy is fussy fecker of the year! He’ll never get a relationship, except with Pam and her five sisters.

  9. Jennifer

    This man really wants to be alone for ever. I’ve one requirement for him, don’t be so bloody judgemental.

  10. Buzz

    What an idiot! I’ll wear my bike helmet if I damn well please. Plenty of people say helmets affect peripheral vision. All the better for not seeing Mister List-er if he’s cycling alongside.

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