28 thoughts on “Free Burritos

    1. WhoAreYa

      Have you tried the other burrito place on Wexford St? How would you rate this burrito by comparison?

      1. Sheila

        I rate the seating area better in Boojum, more of it and more space between tables.

        As for the food, no better no worse. But I’ve only been to Boojum once. I’ve been to Burrito & Blues a fair amount of times and like their small sized burrito. All the other burrito bars only do one other size: MASSIVE

        1. WhoAreYa

          Thank you, I will give it a shot so.

          Free anything also tastes better apparently, that’s a scientific fact.

          If you haven’t tried it you should go into the coffee and cakes place beside it – coffee is outstanding.

          if you hear of any free beers going in Anseo let me know!

          1. WhoAreYa

            I think they are ok – but not amazing. Not really spicy enough for my liking.
            Am I not asking for the right mix of ingredients and flavours? :)

          2. Bejayziz

            Wouldnt rate Buritto and Blues at all, went once with a friend and we were both disappointed wouldnt go back….Boojum are miles ahead of them so wouldnt bother ever going, Pablo Picante is also pretty good

          3. sheepeyes

            I’m with the Pablo Picante brigade. Really tasty burritos. I know some people who rave about Boojum but I always found it strangely bland.

  1. Larl Keavey

    Very little distinction between going to Burritos & Blues and getting a wrap out of Centra. Cold, desperate fillings and very little in the way of variety. In short; poxy. With Boojum open just across the road now its only a matter of time before B&B is gone

    1. DaveM

      Well if you say so,larl, as i am sure you are aware your opinion is invaluable to everybody on the internet.

      1. Larl Keavey

        Oh great, a shill for Burritos & Blues. I suppose they are just trying to defend themselves yeah?

    2. Peter

      You’re full of poo!! Their burritos are actually pretty good by comparison to Pablo’s and others.

  2. Bingo Slimz

    Ah yes. Offer anything for FREE and people show how greedy they really are. The burrito’s probably worth about €2, but sure, stand in a line with thousands of other cheapskates and save yourself wads of cash.

    If you’re homeless or really stuck for money, I understand why you’re in that queue. All the rest of you… GET A LIFE.

    1. Mani

      Fact: those who type ‘get a life’ in all caps are those in most need of that advice.

  3. The Old Boy

    Good luck to all going down there. It’ll be like a queue for no-questions-asked green cards.

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