32 thoughts on “Tears Before Bedtime

  1. H

    This is just one of the three bedrooms in the house which is for sale, it may have previously been occupied by someone with such limited mobility that they had to fir it out like this, the rest of the house is fine.

    1. H

      On second viewing it’s really quite clever as the wardrobe doors slide the whole way across to give privacy the the toilet/shower user.

        1. Odis

          Looking at the toilet bowl (as Tom below suggests). I think the idea is that you sit on it sideways. Though the novelty would probably wear a bit thin after a couple of weeks.

      1. gerry

        Also there are no safety handles beside the toilet are visible in the shower. It’s gas that the ad calls this bedroom “generous”. The bed is almost in the wardrobe.

    2. Ronan

      Someone with limited mobility who couldn’t get through and en suite door but could get up to the attic room? Not likely.

    1. Chucky R. Law

      The house is for sale. It’s not a room for rent.
      It’s an attic room with a “compact” en-suite that has large sliding doors to access/hide it.

        1. All the good ones fly south for winter

          Hell no. Consider yourself a dinner party conversation goldmine from this point on.

    2. Eoghany

      I don’t think those rules apply when the house is for sale, they are rental rules..

  2. Davey T

    The young lovers could not separate their eyes, they lay in bed together, in perfect harmony with each other. She goes across the room, still maintaining eye contact. He gazes lovingly at her as she squats to the toilet, and says “I love everything about you, even the smell and sound of you shitting”

  3. Lazlo Panaflex

    The carpet will be excellent for collecting decorative pubes from the toilet shower area, also no slopping out like in other non-toilet bedrooms so a big well done to this “all above board” land lord

  4. octo

    I find sinks make excellent urinals, and drinking water fonts. No need for a toilet taking up all that space.

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