18 thoughts on “Kiwi Me Softly

  1. Pob

    Amazing performance from the entire squad, the patience and belief they showed was awesome to watch.

    I’ve seen first hand the obstacles these women have had to overcome and it’s so good to see their determination pay off!

  2. ReproBertie

    Fabulous result. BNZ are chasing their 5th WRWC in a row and hadn’t lost a WRWC game in over 20 years.

    Mná na hÉireann Abú!

  3. rotide

    Red letter day, massive achievement.

    First ever Irish win over NZ in Rugby Union. Delighted for them

  4. Banotti

    Let’s put this in context. The Irish 10 took up the sport at 25 by playing tag and a year later was the starting 10. It’s a sport played at the lowest level. I’m no fan of GAA but they’d be miles ahead with women playing their whole lives in a competitive environment.

    1. Pob

      I bet you had to build an extension to accommodate all of your accomplishments.

      Your post is so disrespectful and is just the type of crap that female participants in sport have to put up with on a regular vpbasis.

      Just let people enjoy the achievement.

    2. ReproBertie

      Whenever Irish women do well in international sport there’s always one gobshite to try to rain on their parade.

      Don’t worry Banotti, their victory will never overshadow your Community Games U12 All Ireland bronze medal.

    3. Sidewinder

      And funding, and popular support, and established local clubs and schools playing the sport and being encouraged for playing the sport instead of being mocked about it.

      Lets also put into context the fact that New Zealand’s team have been funded by the NZ equivalent of the IRFU since 1995, the IRFU started supporting our team in 2012 (i may be wrong there but definitely post 2010).

      The Irish kicker Niamh Briggs scored 43 points in the 2013 six nations compared with Sexton’s 66 this year which included a few rare tries from him. The pitch is not smaller, the ball is not lighter and the posts are not further apart.

      Add to that the fact that many of these athletes ARE GAA players (playing two sports competitively throughout the year) and the context that becomes apparent is that this achievement is more, not less, impressive.

      1. Eliot Rosewater

        The ‘context’ you put it in, Banotti, actually makes it kind of more impressive. If the Irish team have had so little experience (especially compared to the NZ team) that makes their victory all the more amazing.

    4. sheep

      Their number 10, Nora, is an amazing athlete. Who I’m pretty sure has played inter county football with Donegal. Her switch to rugby is a testament to her athletic ability and not an example of the ‘standard’ of the sport, she has put so much commitment and work into achieving the starting 10 spot on that team so thanks for insulting her, you arse.

  5. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I will be seeking out the Kiwis in work, to give them a ribbing. Well done.

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