Viva Gazista



Jim Fitzpatrick’s update of his iconic screen print poster based on Korda‘s image of Che Guevara.

Jim writes:

“Like many of my Jewish friends I am deeply shocked by the slaughter in the Gaza ghetto of so many innocents…I am posting this new CHE image in solidarity with the people of occupied Palestine.”

Jim Fitzpatrick (Facebook)

58 thoughts on “Viva Gazista

    1. Boycott Israel

      Not really.

      It’s not a conflict, it’s a slaughter. It’s not about Jewry, it’s about the criminal actions of Israelis.

      1. Bejayziz

        Conflict –
        ‘A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one’
        ‘A serious incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles, or interests’…..It’s a conflict mate

        It’s a war between two sides, there wouldn’t be a war without Hamas or other armed militias before them and there wouldn’t be a wall if it werent for the Intifadas…This whole one sided “slaughter” shite only works on retards

        1. Boycott Israel

          One of the best equipped and most sophisticated war machines in the world intentionally and repeatedly fires artillery ordinance into school playgrounds to kill little children seeking sanctuary from your “conflict”.

          That, “mate”, is slaughter by any reasonable interpretation of the word.

          1. YourNan

            grow up indeed Boycott Israel, your populist propaganda is tiring and marks you out as a simpleton.

          2. Boycott Israel

            This simpleton has the capacity to think for himself, and is perfectly capable of recognising the difference between populist propaganda and the eviscerated remains of a child lying on a Gaza playground.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          None of this would be going on if there was no Israeli EXPANSION. That is the problem and has been the problem since the first village was ethnically cleansed by Israel in 1947.

          Israel needs to pull back and declare its borders. That IS the problem. Otherwise Israel will continue to wrongly justify its expansion and will do so until all Palestinians are removed from their land.

          Everything else follows on from this. Anyone who says otherwise is ignoring history and the expansion. Simple as.

          1. Am i still On this Island

            See clampers, even of Israel did what you desired and what makes sense, it would require other parties to do their part that I don’t think they would.

            If Israel defined it’s borders in the am, removed the blockade peace would not come. That is the sad reality

          2. Clampers Outside!

            I agree Am I Still…. but some reversal on expansion is a MUST and is absolutely necessary or else Israel will continue it’s apartheid, and continue to kettle in Palestinians in Gaza and there’s only one reaction to that because there is nowhere to go, and that’s fight back.

            Israel knows this, and by throwing their hands in the air and saying ‘they keep attacking us’, then they bomb and destroy more and the open prison gets smaller again.

            Israel is doing this on purpose since 1948. And they will continue until all of Palestine is wiped out and the Palestinians are scattered like refugees without a homeland.

            Planned, slow expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland, through any means necessary including ethnic cleansing. That’s what Israel is doing. That’s how I see it.

      2. bisted

        ‘…current conflict’…we are going to need a bigger card to play hasbara bingo on your euphemisms for slaughter.

      3. rotide

        Of course its a bloody conflict. It might be a one sided one with plenty of careless barbarism thrown in but its a conflict.

        Denying its not a conflict is PR Spinning as bad as any ‘hasbera’ that the world is apparently infected with.

      4. Nigel

        Look, I’m sorry, but this is not a serious point. It is a conflict. It is also a slaughter. The two are not mutually exclusive. Taking issue with someone for calling it a conflict is not an argument that can be taken seriously. Expanding on the term to show the slaughter within the conflict would be acceptable. Just because you may be on the right is no excuse for lazy sloppiness.

        1. bisted

          ..I agree Nigel but I am making a serious point and not merely indulging in semantics. The language of hasbara has the objective of playing down the horror of what has been inflicted on innocents in Gaza and there are some skilled exponents of it on Broadsheet.

          1. Nigel

            I don’t have problem with challenging language that diminishes or deflects, God knows debates about this whole thing have always been rife with euphemisms, slurs and dog-whistles on both sides (including the term ‘on both sides’), but when you find yourself arguing that this isn’t a ‘conflict’ then you’ve made a misstep that will be gleefully capitalised upon. The word may not convey the full horror you wish to see expressed, but it doesn’t deny it, either.

          2. rotide

            This is fantastic. I had never heard the word ‘hasbera’ before a week ago.

            Now they’re EVERYWHERE

            the paranoia on show here is palpable and a little pathetic.

  1. pedeyw

    Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. What The Israeli government is doing is sickening but hamas are not Marxists.

  2. spider

    I don’t understand what Che has to do with Palestine… The South American struggle was very different from what is happening in The Middle East…

    1. johnthebaptist

      Oy vey….. You may be interested to note that he released the Guevera image royalty free in the 60s. As in, he makes no money from it, and this is common knowledge. Like, common knowledge in the “everyone and their mother knows this” type common knowledge.

      1. Hosanna in the Hiace

        well is was a rip off of a photo not an original image
        (like the Obama HOPE print)

  3. Am i still On this Island

    Not sure how a man who preached “confrontation, not compromise” is relevant to the situation in Gaza?

  4. postmanpat

    Jim you are an idiot. What you have produced is such an embarrassment . I do not know where to start . you are also one of those stupid idiots who says things like “deeply” shocked or “deeply” saddened or “deeply” offended. etc. the mark of a stupid idiot. Unless this Che thing is some king of post modern alternative comedy highlighting the naïve student mentality mixed with ignorance when it comes to history and world politics. But I doubt it . I also doubt you have any friends let alone Jewish friends.

    1. PeteS

      I’m sure Jim will be crying into his cornflakes this morning that some anonymous poster on a website, who named himself after a children’s television show, has so eviscerated his work.

  5. Mario Balotelli

    Ah, the old Che graphic.. nothing used to boil my Cuban colleague’s blood more than idiot western liberals in their trendy Che t-shirts. The guy was no angel, to put it mildly – ask the locals.

    But hey, cool shirt dude.

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        They cry themselves to sleep at night though Sheila, it would be like you or I working in Carroll’s and selling only Leprechauns dolls.

          1. Lord Clampers

            Fie upon thy proletarian emendations! An breezy number it was, and an breezy number it shall remain.

            Would that I could disinherit you twice.

    1. Nigel

      Really? A revolutionary fighting in South America at the height of the cold war was not an angel? Get the hell out.

  6. YourNan

    How does Hamas ultimate goal of destroying Israel fit with Che Guevara? Ii it only genocide if the Jews defend themselves? You guys really need to get over your post colonial and Catholic indoctrination hang ups.

    1. Boycott Israel

      “You guys”? “your post colonial and Catholic indoctrination hang ups”? Where are you joining us from today, caller?

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Hahahaha… another person ignoring the Israeli expansion. Israel created Hamas through land grabbing, apartheid and ill treatment of Palestinians. That much is a certainty.

  7. kurtz

    Bizarre amalgam of images. If Che the Marxist was still alive and for some reason in the Gaza Strip, he would be chased out by Hamas, or worse. Just like they brutally purged Gaza of members of Fatah and other leftists.

    Still Jim’s heart is in the right place. I suppose.

    1. Nigel

      Before the current conflict, Fatah were in control and maintaining a ceasefire and Hamas were increasingly sidelined. Thanks to this conflict, Hamas will almost certainly emerge in power with Fatah sidelined. Golf clap.

  8. Baz

    Jim the plagiarist still trying to be irrelevant and Broadsheet still censoring my comments to suit their agenda, that’s ok, I’m screen grabbing my posts and will file them for future use.

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