9 thoughts on “How’s The Ryanair App Doing?

  1. edalicious

    Did you book with Ryanair directly or with a third party? I booked with a third party once, not realising that Ryanair don’t like that kind of thing. I ended up having to enter a different email address than my own to get at my booking on the Ryanair site. It worked done in the end but I definitely wouldn’t do it again.

  2. Anne

    I really wouldn’t recommend this app – we tried it last week flying from Paris, and had a stressful day trying to retrieve the boarding passes on the phone so that we could show them at the gate, only to be told that they couldn’t take them, and we had to go and check in. Didn’t have to pay extra, but I just don’t think they have their systems ready for it yet.

  3. munkifisht

    I’d no problems using it although I’m not signing into an account.

    Can you sign in as a guest using your email and booking number, check in and then screen shot the QR code. A lot less dicking around.

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