New Irish: The Next Generation



Soofia Bano and daughter Hira Israr (top) at a 2013 Irish citizenship ceremony and Dr Antje Röder (above) of Trinity College, Dublin

The Department of Sociology, Trinity College Dublin, has published a controversial study called  ‘New Irish Families: A profile of Second Generation Children and their Families’.

The report reveals that one-in-four children born in Ireland in 2012 had a non-Irish born mother.

And that there is now much greater diversity in terms of “religion, linguistic, and good looking genes ethnic and national background” among young families in Ireland than EVER before.


Dr Antje Röder, the study’s principal investigator, writes:

“From our study so far it is clear that some groups of migrant parents experience socio-economic disadvantages that are likely to impact their children as they grow older. Another core issue is childcare: immigrant parents have less access to relative care, and many cannot afford other forms of childcare, leading to lower rates of return to work amongst migrant mothers. We cannot say yet to what extent this reflects different cultural preferences for the appropriate care of young children, but will continue to investigate this further as the study progresses.”

Trinity College Dublin researchers publish report on second-generation migrant children and their families (

Pic: TCD

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10 thoughts on “New Irish: The Next Generation

  1. YourNan

    because the investigator is a foreigner too and what right do they have to criticise this lovely little island great to do business in and pay up your rent thank you very much, it’s 150 euro more from next month buddy, bloody guvenment sucking us dry so it is, sorry love.

  2. Kolmo

    The fact that childcare is a primarily a monitised commodity by the Government for the profit of private companies is a larger issue – the fact that childcare is literally an additional mortgage on working couples is a crime against Irish society

    1. Blah

      “the fact that childcare is literally an additional mortgage on working couples is a crime against Irish society”

      1. It’s not literally an additional mortgage
      2. It’s not a crime against Irish society

  3. Blah

    In almost all places and in all times in modern history, immigrants are poorer (“socioeconomic disadvantages”) than natives. Why is this controversial?

  4. Paul Davis

    Controversial because the subtext reads that these parents become a burden on the state.

  5. octo

    Another surprising conclusion is that “Mothers born outside of Ireland were on average more highly educated than the native population. “

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