4 thoughts on “By The Neck

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m hazarding two guesses that either;

      (a) someone sneaked out of Tesco with a security tagged bottle of plonk
      (b) the Tesco Cashier was a bit heavy handed with the swiping of the tag and it flew out the door and hit a wall.

    2. WhoAreYa

      Broken glass, leaves, and one of them security yokey-me-bobs Tesco uses as an anti-theft measure.

      We are supposed to think that the intended perpetrator was apprehended or otherwise did not get to enjoy the fruit of their smashing grab raid or else commenced to partake of the spirit of their endeavours verily in the foyer and environs of the mini-market itself. Oooh what a jolly time.

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