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    1. Jess

      Seriously! why do people need to stand in front of teh thing theyre actually trying to show you a photo of?

      this annoys me more than it should

    1. martco

      looks very like one alright, that’s a bit upsetting
      I hope he took out the CDW insurance at the hertz….actually no, hopefully he forgot to

  1. PaddyIrishMan

    Well he got some more publicity, that’s the main thing. And, one assumes, lots of “you ok hun?” Type tweets from his legions of followers.

  2. cluster

    I used to doubt the bugrudgery charge levelled against us but I realised recently that I cannot think of a single Irish person who is well-known and successful but not widely disliked.

    It is even worse if they live in Ireland ratehr than feckign off abroad.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      We just do not tolerate the crap that currently hogs the limelight.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Robbo still regularly gets stick for leaving the Presidency to head off to the UN, and also for her Trilateral Commission links…I’m not sure if these constitute begrudgery though…

      1. cluster

        Exactly – McIlroy ships a ridiculous amount of abuse. Have a look at any previous McIlroy thread on here.

      1. cluster

        Fassbender may be an example but he hasn’t lived in Ireland since he was 18.
        His home when not in Hollywood is Hackney.

    2. Paul

      Yeah. He is disliked because his success alright. And not because he is a massive tosser. It is definitely his success. Definitely.

    3. Grouse

      Plenty of authors. Banville is liked even despite his grumpiness. Emma Donoghue, Sebastian Barry, Roddy Doyle, Keith Ridgway, Colm Toibín, to name a few well-known ones. Does anybody actively dislike these people (except, of course, other authors!)?

      1. cluster

        An excellent bunch of writers there but only Doyle, Toibin and Banville have any sort of wider public profile.

        Probably only Roddy is a household name (say name recognition of 8/10 in a survey).
        Look at previous threads regarding Roddy Doyle, even on here, to see him being called a ‘knacker apologist’ etc.

      1. cluster

        Niall Fitzgerald hasn’t lived in Ireland (to the best of my knowledge) since the late ’80s.
        Anyway, he isn’t well known amongst the general public.

      1. cluster

        Bono and Hansard are the perfect examples.
        Some of the negative, nasty commentary on the two of them here (not to suggest that no criticism can me made of public figures) is mind-boggling.

        1. Derval

          Are we trying to think of a celebrity that NOBODY dislikes?
          This is fascinating especially when NOT EVERYBODY is available for comment.
          I’ve just asked EVERYBODY and the answer is Larry Mullen.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            For some strange reason, EVERYBODY here are blaming the celebrity on why they hate the celebrity.

    4. Mr. T.

      No it’s not begrudgery. Some successful people enjoy the fact some people are jealous of them. It’s an ego trip for insecure celebrity types.

      But most people just think they’re annoying dicks and would never want to take their place.

  3. yogy

    He is a creep and not nearly as successful as he likes to think.

    Loads of sound successful Irish people that are popular…

    Michael D. Higgins
    Mary Robinson
    David Norris
    Ian Dempsey
    Eamon Dunphy
    Bill O’Herlihy
    Chris O’Dowd
    Dara O’Brien
    Dylan Moran
    Brendan Glesson

    1. cluster

      Most of them don’t live here.

      Anyway, watch for posts concerning them and for most of them, you’ll find most of the comments are vituperative. The only ones who would receive a largely positive reaction are Moran and Gleeson.

      So yeah, possibly one exception to the rule in the country.

      1. Medium Sized C

        I feel like you’re moving the goalposts to suit your point.

        How about this.
        There are a great deal of successful Irish people who suffer the wrath of begrudgers.
        Probably more than there are people who are universally accepted for their success.

        Its would be a considerably more defensible argument .

        1. cluster

          Fair enough.

          To summarise, if you are well-known, successful, Irish and live in Ireland you will face incredible amounts of begrudgery.

          Criticism of public figures is to be welcomed but much of the commentary of these guys is inane and amounts to little more than lightly-veiled jealousy.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            No Cluster – I think it’s less about the object of the criticism but more about the criticiser. A lot of Irish people never liked to see anyone appearing ‘above their station’, getting ‘fanciful notions’ about themselves. They’d rather we were all in the gutter.

            Personally I find that damaging. Praise is a positive source of well-being and contentment and can encourage folk, kids especially, to thrive. Plus successful people are an inspiration to many.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I assume he was either off his face or looking in the rear view mirror at himself.

      I applaud him on his success but the vanity out of him is shocking.

      1. Lisa

        I know the guy who was driving (Niall was not at the wheel) and it was a complete accident. He was not “off his face or looking in the rear view mirror at himself”. The driver rang me at the scene, they were understandably in shock. I have never been happier to hear from someone.

        The cops confirmed that the tyres on the car were bald.

      2. Medium Sized C

        The vanity out of him, if we are going by the instagram is barely even remarkable.

        It seems like you think that because he has some profile that he is somehow not allowed to be like most instagram users and post pictures of things that happen with filters to make it look like it was taken by his parents shite camera from the 70’s.

        Walking away from a crash completely unscathed and taking a selfie may be vain, but it is no more vain coming from him than it would be if any one of the millions of other people who use instagram did it.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          I don’t look at his photos, Instagram or otherwise.

          I learned of his vanity via a radio interview he did with either Marian Finucane or George Lee.

          1. Medium Sized C

            Also I find it immensely amusing that you can’t hear the difference between Marian Finucane and George Lee on t’Radio.

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            All I remember was that it was a Saturday morning on the wireless (narrows it down to George or Marion) and he was talking away about himself with incredible admiration.

  4. Qwerty

    A group of Trinity College Graduates (Pass Merchants) are suspected of tampering with the vehicle

  5. Anne

    If he wasn’t in the picture and just took the picture of the badly crashed car, he might be accused of being a spoofer.

    I think if I survived that, I’d take a similar pic.

  6. Paul Chillage (@paulchillage)

    In this recent interview I found he sounds like an open honest fella who’s just doing stuff and people are buying it. However much I wanted to dislike him before this interview I didn’t after it. I’m still annoyed with him for his shitty comments on parts of Dublin and the homeless though.
    TodayFM interview: https://player.fm/1HwraE

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