21 thoughts on “‘A Great Word For Effeminate Is Pervert’

  1. ahyeah

    I used to find people like this quite scary. But they’re really just fools. Let him say what he wants, I say. Who cares?

    1. Der

      The 14 year old me would have cared, it was the kind of thing that pushed me back in the closet just long enough to consider taking all those pills.

      1. ahyeah

        Actually, yeah, you’re right – sorry. It does matter. It’d be nice if it could just be dismissed as an imbecile ranting but it’s clearly hate speech with massive potential to cause damage and hurt.

  2. Vinny

    Seems like a reasonable man. Ahem.

    Shame there is no God and his whole life is wasted on this nonsense.

    Oh well.

    1. ahyeah

      I bet he doesn’t actually give a shite whether there’s a god or not. And don’t think he’d regard it as a waste – in fact, bet he does pretty we££ out of the whole thing.

  3. Mike Baldwin

    bang on @ ahyeah. Not one fupp is given by oul’ Jamsie, far too long in the tooth with enough provincial farmers and their wives to wax lyrical to him about the ‘son up above’; to give him succour….leave him be, he’ll be dead soon enough…..and then, not one fupp will be given, that’s legacy, real legacy.

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