14 thoughts on “Cut And Dry

  1. Nessy

    I heard a rumour that they had to turn the water off as junkies were washing their dirty needles in the fountain. How much truth is in it, I’ll never know, but it;s plausible

    1. Dhaughton99

      That would be my first guess aswell.

      But remember what Joe says, “ah you can’t call them junkies”.

      1. Nessy

        True. Lets call them “the eye sore heroin addicted scumbags that are plaguing Dublin City and beyond.”

        Probably can’t call them scumbags either.. “Sorry Joe, I don’t know what came over me.. Da addicts, I mean’t da addicts Joe..”

  2. Am i still On this Island

    Yep, same reasons most churches have moved their holy water basin’s (can’t remember what try are called) inside the buildings.

    As I said yesterday we have a bad history with fountains, the floozy, the new one on North King street that was turned on for a month and closed, the famine memorial on Dame street.

  3. ABM's bloody underwear

    Seeing as there is a junkie problem in Dublin, wouldn’t it be better to provide some way for them to clean their needles instead of sharing infected ones, instead of just turning off the fountain?

    1. Nessy

      But that would mean the government admitting that there is a heroin problem in Dublin/Ireland. They’re not prepared to do that as it would mean providing funding to assist people who are addicted to heroin (and other substances). My own personal opinion is that the government are happy to stand by and watch people suffer and die through drug addiction as they don’t see helping them as a priority. In Leinster House they’re too far removed from ordinary society to care. Unless one of them is accosted or robbed or attacked by a junkie I don’t see their lack of apathy changing

    2. pissedasanewt

      If you are going to shoot up and the option to clean your needle is a fountain 50 feet away or a needle distribution place two streets over. The fountains wins. Unless we put needle bins and fresh needle dispensers beside every fountain.

  4. jeanclaudetrichet

    There is no country in the world that has as many first world problems as Ireland and that has as many people to moan about these trivialities as Ireland. Get over it.

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