Out Like O’Flynn



Michael O’Flynn (top) and supporters Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin outside the High Court this afternoon.

More to follow.

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(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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9 thoughts on “Out Like O’Flynn

    1. fmong

      I think that this might be an optical illusion in pic no.2, in pic no.1 you can see two mics, two hands.. the RTE mic is quite long, so he’s snuck it up and under the TV3 mic.. non?

    2. neil

      It stops there being loads of reporters pushing to the front ruining the cameras’ shots, and makes sure they’re both included of clumsily jostling to push the other away.

  1. Baz

    This does not reflect well on NAMA yet no MSM article I’ve scoured has raised the question as to the cash Mr O’Flynn has suddenly accessed…

  2. Rose

    Excuse my blah blah blah but his seems like a fair outcome (based on my limited knowledge of some real live cases)….along with the bad apples, the banks have been off loading properties and businesses to investment groups that were paying their way. At least if a ‘developer’s’ businesses are performing, this gives the owner the chance to hold onto their businesses and not have them sold without their input. I thought that’s what NAMA was meant to do, purge the bad loans

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