Meanwhile, In Limerick


Mount Trenchard Direct Provision Centre

Three of the residents have gone on hunger strike in protest over the lengthy delays in the asylum process and the conditions in which they have to live while waiting for their applications to be processed. The three men – from Congo, Afganistan and Iraq – say they have all been in Ireland at least a decade waiting for their applications to be processed

…Another of the protestors – who is from the Congo – described the direct provision centre as being like “an open prison”.He said he had been in the asylum system for the past 14 years and had lived in Mount Trenchard for the past three years.
There are some people who have been waiting up to 12 years in this place,” he said.

Asylum seekers mount protest in Foynes centre (Colm Ward, Limerick Leader)

19 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

  1. Anna

    connor lenihan said ‘stick to the kebabs’ and was forced to resign. irish politicians be racist shocker.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    No matter where you stand on immigration the fact is there’s no where to go for them. Irish families can’t even find homes to live in. It’s a mess.

  3. Mikeyfex

    Drove up there recently as it used to be a secondary school and didn’t realise it was housing asylum seekers. The place looked very run down. Couldn’t believe it when i was told later that people live there. Living in Foynes is hard enough…

    1. Baz

      It doesn’t, that length of time = denial followed by taxpayer funded barristers appealing time and again.

      The system would have had them out of here years ago. Blame the do gooders for their hell.

      1. Banotti

        Indeed. Remember residents against racism and the few farcial cases they were involved in. Lying and constant appeals are part of their strategy so they have no right to complain about investigation times.

    1. Anne

      You shouldn’t swear our lord’s name in vain. It’s one of the ten commandments Clampers.

      Anyways, yes, Congo, Afghanistan and Iraq.. what’s your point?

        1. Anne

          “Anyway, he ain’t my Lord”
          That’s exactly what I said, when it was put to me.. :)
          I thought you might come up with something better for me to use.

          They are indeed.
          Too many mad mullahs around those neck of the woods.

    2. Sinabhfuil

      There are good people in the Congo. There are good people in Afghanistan. There are good people in Iraq. Some of these people need shelter and help.
      Is this the Ireland we want?

  4. John Cassidy

    It’s a fuppin disgrace the asylum procedure in this country and many other western countries. They should be allowed work too and contribute to the state rather than be a drain on it. And you know what? People wouldn’t choose to live here unless there was nothing for them in their own countries. They have genuine reasons for being asylum seekers whether the state agree with that or not. Why should one person exclude another person from living wherever the hell they want on earth? It’s a case of the first world perpetuating poverty in the third world.

    1. Hosanna in the Hiace

      “People wouldn’t choose to live here unless there was nothing for them in their own countries”

      what’s your logic there? Ireland is THAT bad

  5. Corvo

    Either let them in or send them on their way, but leaving them in limbo for over a decade is just cruel. And what’s the problem with letting them work. If they’re working they’re paying income tax and earning money to spend on stuff and generating revenue that way. If they can’t find a job nothing changes. Why not at least give them the chance. If they’re going to be left in the system for so long at least let them have some dignity back.

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