Give Tullamore Its Due



Co Offaly last Sunday.

Edward writes:

“A short I filmed of the Indoor Competitions at Sunday’s Tullamore Show. Vegetables, flowers, cakes, paintings, turf, photography, knitwear, dolls eggs, and even…handwriting! If it’s made or grown in rural Ireland, it’s judged at the annual Tullamore Show.




Maura Fay at the Irish Farmers Journal writes:

Every year at the Tullamore Show, the Irish Farmers Journal, with the support of breed societies, organises the Heifer & Hogget competition. Children aged between 10-18 have the opportunity to win either a heifer (young female cow) or hogget (young female sheep) to take home to their own farm and breed from. I think you’ll find their passion for farming very heart-warming…”

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11 thoughts on “Give Tullamore Its Due

        1. Mikeyfex

          Ha! “Pauline’s Pattern Day”

          The last show I went to was somewhere outside Naas as a young lad. But no, I’m from Limerick, I won’t mix with culchies.

  1. chicken

    Thanks so much for posting that, I live abroad & haven’t been home for a while but you caught my Mum & Aunt on the first one ;) made my Friday

  2. Kieran NYC

    HOPE after the spate of accidents involving children in farms this summer, a lot of emphasis is put on safety procedures in these kinds of competitions.

    Congrats to all the kids involved though!

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