15 thoughts on “Grand Stretch

  1. Slightly Bemused

    The headline makes me wonder: what is the opposite of ‘grand stretch’ in common parlance? At home we said the nights were ‘closing in’, but that has not the same ring as grand stretch.

    So, out of curiosity, are there other common terms for the waning of the days at the end of the year, to counter ‘grand stretch’ at their waxing in Spring?

  2. The Old Boy

    IN THE Dublin District Court yesterday, an elderly man who gave his name as Myles na gCopaleen was charged with begging, disorderly conduct, using bad language and with being in illegal possession of an armchair.

    He was also charged with failing to register as an alien.

    A Detective Sergeant gave evidence of finding the defendant in the centre of a crowd in Capel Street.

    He was sitting in the chair, cursing and using bad language. He became abusive when asked to move on and threatened to “take on” witness and “any ten butties” witness could find. Defendant was exhibiting a card bearing the words “Spare a copper, all must help each other in this cold world”. Defendant lay down in the gutter when witness went to arrest him; he shouted to the crowd to rescue him, that he was a republican soldier. Witness had to send for assistance.

    Defendant: Quid immerentes hospites vexas canis ignavus adversum lupos?

    Detective Sergeant: This man had no difficulty in speaking English when he was lying on the street. This sort of thing makes a farce of the language movement.

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