This Could Be The Last Time



Moody posterage for this weekend’s March for Marriage

Buzz writes:

With the marriage equality referendum due to come before the polls in Spring 2015, this year’s March for Marriage marks the beginning of the countdown to the vote. Now more than ever it is hugely important that all of you, your family, friends and, if in a job, co-workers march with us to make equal civil marriage rights happen. we’re expecting to be the Biggest, (and hopefully last) one yet!

March For Equality (Facebook)

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29 thoughts on “This Could Be The Last Time

  1. DizzyDoris

    It’s a deal done except for a few pink politicos making their name because the old skool civil servants and politicians have dragged this out for as long as they can. Your marriage is different to mine if you visit prostitutes or have affairs. My gender is irrelevant.

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