He’s On Bloomberg And You’re Not



How does he do it?

Controversial author and tech entrepreneur Niall Harbison controversially discusses ‘Get Sh*t Done’ his controversial self help book on Bloomberg telly’s ‘Market Matters’ yesterday during his controversial American book tour.

Watch here

Thanks Kevin Whitty

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68 thoughts on “He’s On Bloomberg And You’re Not

  1. L'esprit de l'escalier

    he looks great, where’d he pick up all that swag, penneys? maybe he rose above his station and got it in a primark.

  2. ShankillFalls

    Harbison is our Kardashians. Talentless, attention seeking eejit but somehow we can’t stop watching. How long before the inevitable leak of a sex tape?

    1. Happy Molloy

      more accomplished than you chief. why all the hate, is it just cos he’s irritating?

      to be fair to him, he has some get up and go, makes things happen for himself, fair play to him I say.

      doesn’t mean I want to be mates with him

  3. SunshineB

    I know little about this guy, but it’s crazy how people only ever seem to have bad things to say about anyone who seems to be doing well for themselves. Good on him. Everyone else, get over it. Focus on doing well for yourself, and not bringing others down.

    1. ShankillFalls

      It’s what he has said about others in his hate filled diatribes that upsets people. I don’t begrudge people’s success – I don’t even hate Bono which is pretty much a requirement for commenting on this site.

      1. YourNan

        get over it, he was right too, shower of proles jumping off buildings into rat infested pond are well grim.

      2. Medium Sized C

        You need to learn the difference between disdain and hate.

        Or maybe just lay off the superlatives.

    2. L'esprit de l'escalier

      you see people making funny jokes, and because you don’t have anything funny to say you attack them with a hate filled diatribe, and some self help muck. focus on making funny jokes yourself.

    3. Flembo

      Well said Happy Molloy – Guys get over yourselves!! FFS!

      Positive thoughts & less bitching like little bitches!

  4. Clodagh

    Why do people think this guy is successful? Apart from selling Simply Zesty, I am failing to see what he has actually done that would make me want to buy his ‘motivational’ book?

    Lovin Dublin appears to have loads of staff, but no real revenue stream beyond a few lunch boxes sold. They claim to sell no space to advertisers so there’s no cash there either? The content is awfully written and edited so from a user/reader perspective I don’t think its highly rated.

    It seems to me this guy got lucky, made some money, and is now sinking it into becoming some type of public personality – adding no real value anywhere.

    People aren’t ‘hating’, they’re just smart enough to realise that this lad isn’t smart at all, but rather the biggest spoofer in the land.

    1. seany_delight

      Well Said Clodagh. Selling a company to be absorbed by the competition is not the mark of success or luck.

  5. Dublinentendre

    Isn’t the title ‘Getting Shit. Done.’

    Hardly a revelation, but if he must write a book about it…

  6. Optimus Grime

    What stratagems of knowledge contained within: Don’t get married till 40! Men and Women are biologically different! Rent out your house and work from thailand! Bonkers stuff!

  7. YourNan

    people hate this nerd cos he’s is not sitting on his hole or in a union or both and he calls north inner city dwellers knackers, big deal. who doesn’t.

  8. Limey Tank

    I think he suffers from that common malaise many successful entrepreneurs have, in that they possesses a unique recipe to success. In fact, success is mostly a matter of chance.

    I’m sure he leveraged his intelligence and a strong work ethic to really bring success as far as he could with the opportunities that came his way, not everybody could capitalise on such opportunities. But mostly, it’s being in the right place at the right time.

  9. T-Bagg

    ‘Controversial’ articles aside, this mans writing is painfully bad. DIY piercing ones own genitals would be a more pleasant experience than reading an entire book by him.

  10. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Not much point in clickbaiting if you’re not managing to sell advertising on anything like a regular basis.

  11. Niall Harbison

    This is New York calling. Harbo here. Yes the real Harbo. Comments here make my day. Also do. Let me address some of them given their rational nature..

    1.I can confirm that yes indeed I am bald.

    2.I’m sure there are many better written books. I gave it my best shot. Some people seem to like it. Have a sample here https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=%40niallharbison%20book&src=typd . You probably don’t so just don’t buy it. I don’t like Pitbulls music so I don’t buy that

    3.You guys could do way better on hate filled comments. Sometimes people send me screen grabs from the app “Secret” about me. They really have it down to a fine art over there. I’d suggest you download it and get some inspiration from there.

    4.I’d be pretty bullish on Lovin Dublin and my other business Picstash. I’ve had a failed business before and one “success”. The odds on start ups being a success are pretty thin. Especially media ones. It won’t be easy but I won’t sleep until those missions are both fulfilled. Tough but I’ll do it

    5.The only logical next step I can see for my heinous crimes of writing a book and sharing interesting stuff is that I am placed into a public place and battered with rotten fruit. MAybe somebody set it up in Dublin for next week when I’m back and Broadsheet can be the media partner.

    Happy Friday fellow web friends :)


      1. WhoAreYa

        It’s great that in a country like this you have the right to assert your opinion of Niall’s opinion

        That is the definition of freedom

        Now fupp off yourself with your ‘problem’ – Niall doesn’t give a fupp about it

    1. WhoAreYa

      Fair play Niall and don’t mind them, they are not even worth talking about, sad jealous losers the lot of them;)

      I for one will help you throw back some rotten tomatoes.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Get yourself a wetsuit Nial and jump in the Liffey with deh local lads… all will be forgotten… ok, most will be….

      G’wan, g’wan, g’wan….. better than throwin’ fruit around anyways.

        1. DaveM

          Do you have ibola now?
          Where do you find hats to fit that head of yours?Do you get them specially made?

  12. jimbobajob

    I wish you all the success in the world Niall. really like LovinDublin and the negativity is a bit unhinged…. but c’mon pal, moving to another country to do a few weeks work and rent out the house and make a bit of money thru arbitrage as a life hack??? How is that advice to 99% of the population? As a great man once said “Ah here, leave it ou’ “

  13. Lilly

    You say on your blog Niall that the book is ‘Number 1 best seller in Ireland’. I’ve seen it at Number 9 in Hodges Figgis and Number 13 in Dubray. Where and when was it Number 1?

  14. michael timmins

    Haha love all he comments! backlash against the backlashers harbo’s alright leave him alone if i see him in stoneybatter i’ll set me jack russell on him

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