Ten Thousand Sign Up


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National Army soldiers during the Irish Civil War

You may recall a post from earlier in the month, detailing how, for the first time, Trinity College Dublin was offering a free online course on Irish war and revolution between 1912 and 1923.


University Times is reporting that 10,000 people have signed up to the course, with more than half of the students coming from outside Ireland.

Ten thousand.

Fair play, in fairness.

Trinity’s First Online Course Already has 10,000 Students (Edmund Heaphy, University Times)

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8 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Sign Up

  1. phil

    Great lets start another round of nationalism , that always a positive thing for country…. isn’t it ?

    1. phil

      Oh hang on, I take it back, forget what I said, education is a good thing, we should all know a little more about the foundation of this state, and maybe enough time has passed for the truth to be told …

      1. Slightly Bemused

        I am one of those that has signed up, and I really look forward to it. Having been taught many different versions of “the truth” over the years, I am hoping, as you mention, that some proper academic analysis will be applied rather than a pandering to whatever is the prevailing political version of thought of the day.

        Happy to let you know how it goes.

        1. Jam

          I think you are being a little optimistic if you believe ‘proper academics’ do not recount history through the prism of their own agendas or political beliefs.

        2. Martco

          I’m much the same as yourself though its always going to be problematic….the academics no matter how smart or well intentioned will always tell things through their OWN eyes…only way to avoid that is to have direct contact with a range of those who were involved which of course isn’t possible anymore which is why I’ve taken to attending the likes of the Normandy landing commemorations as much as possible over the years to have a chance talk to the veterans while they’re still alive…looking forward to it all same

          On a completely separate subject BS I noted that you’ve completely deleted the entire thread /post from that google glass eejit earlier today? Think it was called “i am a camera” or somesuch…

          Good or bad why have you removed it? Is that not the very definition of censorship????

          1. Jam

            My intention wast to be derogatory towards the course or its attendees. academics like anybody else cant help but filter what they see thru their own minds. The best solution to that would be an adversarial approach where different interpretations of opposing views are supported by selected facts. And let people make up their minds. Would be interested to hear how they approach the many marginal issues from that era.

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