What A Difference A Gay Makes



‘Twas a different story on Monday night…

Rose of Tralee: I’m gay (Aoife Bannon, Irish Sun) [behind paywall]

H/t: Ronan McGreevy

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39 thoughts on “What A Difference A Gay Makes

  1. Kerryview

    Good girl Una, it’s not easy for a young journalist to hold two differing opinions on the one subject. Next year we will give transgenders a crack at it.

    1. rotide

      How are you seeing two different opinions?

      She doesn’t like the RoT but likes the fact an openly gay woman won it.

  2. Franco

    Typical of the new brigade of right-on, uber-liberal, twitteratti, pseudo-journalists. Severely lacking in talent, humour and conviction

  3. Caroline

    Why would this change anyone’s opinion of the RoT? Even if you thought the organisers didn’t know, which is unlikely.

  4. rotide

    What a typical agenda driven post this is.

    Whether you like or dislike these two, there’s no real hypocrisy here. As i said above, Maybe Una just doesn’t like the Rose of Tralee but is happy that a lesbian won it?

  5. Haroo von Haroo

    Mullally is fundamentally anti democratic. The gay lobby have no respect for other peoples views.

  6. Nially

    There’s really no contradiction here. “I dislike the Rose of Tralee, but I’m happy that it was won by someone who doesn’t conform to the traditional standards of the competition, and in general that LGBT visibility has increased in a way that will impact a lot of people”. What on earth is internally inconsistent about that?

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