Supper Heroes


From left: Paul Dunne Realex Fire; Aruna Anand; Joe Lyon; Paula Downes; Shawna Scott (Sex Siopa); Damien Mulley; Rick O’Shea; Richard Strahan (winner ugliest website 2013); Alan Irwin (Realex); Michelle McCormick; Shane Stenson (Realex); James King (Realex) and Niall McGarry (

The controversial just-released launch photo for the Realex Fire Web Awards featuring  2FM’s Rick O’Shea as Jesus and Irish web pioneer and awards founder Damien Mulley as JUDAS.

Damien sez:

“The Realex Fire Web Awards celebrates their 7th birthday this year with a fun filled night in the Ballsbridge Hotel on October 22nd where 600 people that own or run Irish websites are expected to attend with winners being called from 33 categories.
Nominations for the event close on September 5th with over 500 nominations having been made so far. The public and website owners can nominate here.


Realex Fire Web Awards 2014

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  1. markgdub

    The day Mulley blocked me on Twitter was the best thing that has ever happened to me in social media.

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