Only Love Can Break Your Heart


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Neil Young has filed for divorce from Pegi Young, his wife of 36 years. A petition for dissolution of marriage was filed by Young in their hometown of San Mateo, California, on July 29th. A hearing is scheduled for December 12th. A rep for Neil Young had no comment.

Neil first met Pegi when she was working as a waitress at a diner near his California ranch, a story he tells in the 1992 song “Unknown Legend.” They were both slated to play Farm Aid in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 13th, though Pegi’s name was recently removed from the lineup.

Neil Young Files for Divorce From Pegi Young, Wife of 36 Years (Rolling Stone)

Pic: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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23 thoughts on “Only Love Can Break Your Heart

  1. Ed

    Surprised she didn’t divorce him earlier. He’s a homophobic nutjob (though he does write great songs).

      1. bob

        Thanks for link. Hadn’t listened to that in ages. Time to crack out his early albums methinks…

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          I love that album, and his Buffalo Springfield stuff, but I can’t tell if it’s good or I just heard it at the right age to be impressed. Probably not a very meaningful distinction.

    1. Odis

      I see, so being homophobic is grounds for divorce now?

      Maybe that’s a trick Mrs ABM should consider.

      1. Nially

        “Mrs. ABM”

        Indeed. Just like there’s a Mrs. Ronan Mullen and a Mrs. David Quinn and…hmm. Now that we look at, there’s a *lot* of curiously unmarried middle-aged men obsessed with sodomy. What could that possibly mean?

        1. This Is Not Darragh, Honestly

          I’m pretty sure David Quinn is married with children. In real life, if not inside your head.

  2. Friscondo

    She used to work in a diner, never saw a woman look finer, I used to order just to watch her walk across the floor…….., great opening lines. Sad.

  3. Bobby

    This makes me very sad. I’ve read that he fell in love with (another) actress.

    Whether she was playing a part that he could understand, I don’t know.

  4. Mollie

    He’s a prime candidate for ‘Who do you think you are’ I think he’s a distant cousin of Richie Kavanagh or the grandad from Mrs Brown

  5. frankiej

    Neil, maybe you’ll change your mind but you always played the part of the loner. I’m sure you feel a little helpless right now but things can only get better.

    Sorry Neil, that last one was actually a D:Ream song.

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