Your Favourite Words



Do you like music?

Do you listen to the lyrics?

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Robert writes:

“I am working on a video project (with others) where we are creating a montage of examples of excellence in Irish (non traditional) music lyrics….we are  fashioning the snatches of songs in interesting font, etc……this is where you come in. Have your readers any suggestions of bits of [Irish-made] songs that we should include…maybe some off the beaten track?  Everyone credited. Thank you…”


UPDATE: Robert adds: “..would it be possible to include the names of the writers of the songs also if that is available.”

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105 thoughts on “Your Favourite Words

  1. Jeremy Kyle

    “Oh I am a little Ferguson built so many years ago
    I was bought up in Dublin at the RDS spring show
    I’m a lovely little tractor and I look so very cute
    Not like the tractor of today that great big ugly brute”

    – R.Kavanagh

  2. Joxer

    anything from Paul Cleary (The Blades) really but
    (taken from Downmarket)

    In an unfamiliar bed
    in an unfamiliar room
    there’s a throbbing in my head
    I’ve succeeded, I presume

    or from the same song

    I’m not waiting at an airport
    I’m not waiting at a station
    I’m standing at a bus stop

    both of those described my life when a teenager living in shitty 8t’s dublin

  3. scottser

    Don’t believe a word
    For words are only spoken
    Your heart is like a promise
    Made to be broken

    Don’t believe a word
    Words can tell lies
    And lies are no comfort
    When there’s tear in your eyes

    ah philo – gone but never forgotten.

  4. dinjo72

    babes, sex and flagons shiftin women, getting stoned, robin cars bars and pubs rubber johnnies, poems, starsky and hutch gave good tv..starsky looked like me…

    1. Custo

      “They built portholes for Bono so he could gaze out accross the bay and sing about mountains, maybe. You are what you own in this town.”

    2. Declan

      tis “babies”, not “babes” .. Great Whipping Boy track all the same “When we were Young”

      When we were young nobody died
      And nobody got older
      The toughest kid in the street
      Could always be bought over
      And the first time that you loved
      You had all your life to give
      At least that’s what you said
      The first time you got drunk
      You drank pernod and dry cider
      Smashed a window in as the police came round the corner
      You didn’t have no time to run
      And your dad stood up for you
      As the judge said you’re a fool

    3. Goosey Lucy

      Jesus I loved Whipping boy- was about to write those same lyrics
      Great memories

      …now don’t get me started on the “chocolate at the bottom of your cornetto ” crap ! I never know whether to laugh it cry when I hear that lyric- it’s surely meant as a pisstake ? !

  5. Eoin

    My, brother, knows, Karl Marx,
    He met him eating mushrooms in the peoples park,
    He said ‘What do you think about my manifesto?’
    ‘I like a manifesto, put it to the test-o.’

    Took it straight down to meet the anarchist’s party.
    I met a groovy guy, he was arty farty,
    He said ‘I know a little latin man a cus man a kai’
    I said ‘I don’t know what it means’ he said ‘neither do I’

    Eat natural foods, bathe twice daily,
    Fill your nostrils up with gravy.
    Don’t drink tea and don’t drink coffee.
    Cover your chin in yorkshire toffee.

  6. Custo

    All mornings break regardless,
    Regardless of the state of mind you find,
    You find yourself in.
    Yellow summers behind the wall,
    Days fall away so fast a broken man could see another night through.

    ‘All Mornings Break’ – Rollerskate Skinny.

  7. Undertow

    ‘I hit you for the first time today
    I didn’t mean it
    It just happened
    You wouldn’t let me go to the phone,
    You wanted to make love and I did not’
    Whipping Boy/We don’t need nobody else

    ‘I’d like to freeze that moment in time
    And wrap it up in tinfoil,
    With little ribbons and tinsel and say,
    “That was a happy day”.’
    Blink/Happy Day

  8. Dana S.

    Too many Bell X1 lyrics to choose from, but I’ll throw in one from my favorite of theirs:

    “I wanna be near you and blink in your light, and toast marshmallows on a cold, dark night.” (Flame)

    1. Aido

      My personal favourite from Bell X1 (The Great Defector): “You’re the chocolate at the end of my Cornetto” – was there ever a more romantic line written?

      Also from Bell X1 (Rocky Took a Lover):

      “He said ‘I wanna shine in the eye of Orion
      But I drove my soul through the Black Hole!’
      She said ‘What a wonderful way to wake me
      You weren’t so nice last night
      You’re such an asshole when you’re drunk’
      He said ‘At least I’m OK in the mornings'”

      James Vincent McMorrow (We Don’t Eat):

      “I moved to the coast, under a mountain
      Swam in the ocean, slept on my own
      At dawn I would watch the sun cut ribbons through the bay
      I’d remember all the things my mother wrote”

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        I love Rocky took a Lover.
        “Then why is my arse the perfect height for kicking?”

  9. bisted

    …two from Christie:

    Coz Woodstock, Knock nor the Feast of Cana,
    Can hold a match to Lisdoonvarna.
    Did NATO donate, me boys, did NATO donate the dough?
    Did NATO donate, me Girls, did NATO donate the dough?
    Did NATO donate the dough, the dough, did NATO donate the dough?
    Eighteen thousand feet of runway is an awful long way to go

  10. Declan

    He has nothing but a can of beer
    To quench him, and surf on the air.
    The nights of soaking in the city’s dreams,
    He hates the rich but he hates in vain

    If a power was to lift him up,
    Make him rich, would he admit it was luck?
    Or say he’d earned it, and claim a state of grace,
    Just like the rich in this hateful place.

    What the hell is wrong with you?
    You long to lord it like the rich folks do,
    You command me from the depths of gin,
    To walk a tightrope in a gale force wind,
    Walk a tightrope in a gale force wind.

    MicroDisney – Gale Force Wind ( Cathal Coughlan/Sean O’Hagan.)

  11. Declan

    The Sun goes down on Galway Bay
    The daughter goes down on me
    Her dad’s not due till one or maybe two
    And I’m as happy as I’ll ever be

    Galway Bay – Toasted Heretic (Julian Gough)

  12. John Luke Peckard

    Don’t look out before you, you know it’s a long way down
    I’ll make it safer for you, your parachute won’t let you down
    Take your parachute and go, and maybe come back tomorrow
    Take your parachute, I am, stop you ever getting sorrow

    Something Happens

  13. chris

    Where’s me Jumper?
    Where’s me Jumper?
    Where’s me Jumper?
    Where’s me Jumper?

    they just don’t write ’em like they used to…

  14. Stephen

    As I sat lookin’ up the Guinness ad I could never figure out
    How yer man stayed up on the surfboard after 14 pints of stout.

  15. PhilJo

    The purple and the pinstripe
    Mutely shake their heads
    A silense shrieking volumes
    A violence worse than they condemn
    Stab you in the back yeah
    Laughing in your face
    Glad to see the place again
    It’s a pity nothing’s changed

    Banana Republic
    Septic Isle
    Suffer in the Screaming sea
    It sounds like dying
    Everywhere I go
    Everywhere I see
    The black and blue uniforms
    Police and priests

    Sadly relevant Boomtown Rats from 1980

  16. Daveq

    Now as I tumble down highways
    Or filthy overcrowded trains
    There’s no one to talk to in transit
    So I sit there and daydream in vain
    And behind all these muddled up problems
    Of living on a foreign soil
    I can still see the twists and turns on the road
    From the square to the town of the tribes

      1. donnchup

        Thomas and Mary out on the floor
        Sure ye never lost it, that’s for sure!
        With his sparkling shoes and his Daz-white shirt
        She’s got a brand new perm and a pleated skirt.

  17. ivan

    “In the paper that she’s reading are four pages of death notices
    for bleeding hearts with little else to do.
    Someone out there sadly missed by family and emplyees
    a fine gentleman to everyone he knew.
    Except his missus she was having an affair
    and she really doesnt really care
    in fact she’s kind of glad he’s gone.”

    From Killed It With My Bare Hands by The Hitchers

  18. mcp

    He’s got a degree in economics, maths, physics and bionics
    He thinks that I’m a savage
    ‘Cos I hate University Challenge

    Or, indeed, any Undertones lyrics.

  19. Daveq

    You remember that foul evening when you heard the banshees howl
    There was lousy drunken bastards singing billy is in the bowl
    They took you up to midnight mass and left you in the lurch
    So you dropped a button in the plate and spewed up in the church

    From The Sick Bed of CuChulainn by The Pogues

  20. ivan

    Finest line of the lot, mind has to be from Rainy Night in Soho (are we allowed the Pogues?)

    “You’re the measure of my dreams”

    That’s all you need.

    1. scottser

      nope, his finest line is:
      to lose a single penny would grieve him awful sore
      and he was a miserable bollox and bitches bastards whore

      1. ivan

        That’s good as well.

        Though probably not what you’d get them to put up on the big screen if you were gonna go for one of them ostentatious ‘will you marry me’ things at a big game, mind…

  21. ZeligIsJaded

    When I was just a little lad I used to go to school
    I’d sit down there in the seat, feeling like a fool
    The teacher toult us everything, everything we know
    She had a great big lump of a stick that was bent into a bow

    She’d go “Aon focal, da focal, two focal eile, And I not knowing no focal at all
    She’d go “Aon focal, da focal, two focal eile And I not knowing no focal at all

    Mr. Richard Kavanagh Esq.

  22. Bertie Blenkinsop

    His mother bought him a synthesizer
    Got the Human League into advise her
    Now he’s making lots of noise
    Playing along with the Art school boys

    My Perfect Cousin – The Undertones.

  23. Frannie

    The queen she came to call on us,
    she wanted to see all of us
    I’m glad she didn’t fall on us
    She’s eighteen stone!

    Monto (Take her up to Monto)

  24. Spaghetti Hoop

    ….if you keep a people down
    In any old town or country, they’ll rise don’t you see?
    It’s the will to survive that keeps them alive
    And they’re starting to see through all the lies

    That they’ve contrived, so I say to you all
    To educate yourself, become well read
    And start to use the head, contemplate your own situation
    Find the true enemy and stop banging heads

    Damian Dempsey

  25. Moriarty

    Your eyes are twinkling
    Like it’s going out of fashion
    You’re talking about truth
    And guts and passion
    She yawns in your face and
    You’re one more mick
    All balls and belly and big mouth

    You fall against the window
    Pull the curtains down
    You slide down the walls
    Puking to the ground
    In the background
    You hear a close friend say
    When you get to know him he’s ok

    In a jacks in paris f**king
    Moaning with a woman
    Who says she can’t help
    She’s coming she’s coming
    You could have sworn
    That the door was locked
    But apparently it wasn’t
    She walks in and the laughter in her eyes
    Gives way quickly to disgust and surprise
    As she sees you locked in life’s purest embrace
    She steps back and slams the door
    In both your faces
    Marie-Eve says, “Man,
    You’re not the bastard you pretend”
    She leaves you her number
    In case you need a friend
    You smile like you do
    And say
    You know me I’ll be ok

    At a party in Chelsea
    There’s a yawn you recognize
    You both blush crimson
    Because you both remember why
    Late that night she folds away
    The clothes that she had on her
    You approach her tentatively
    Like a leper in a sauna
    Her friends can’t understand
    How she can think of you that way
    She says, “When you get to know him,
    He’s ok.”

    Sean Millar

  26. Flash

    Dermot met a girl from Cabra West,
    With his old man’s car she was impressed,
    But alas, joyriders came, Now the BMW it ain’t the same,
    They said “Hey Bud, Take a drive on the northside, Hey Chap, we go fast on the the northside”
    And the joyriders go
    Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
    At the Gardaí

    Take a walk on the Northside
    Shay Healy

  27. Max Power

    I knew you “broadsheet” wouldnt allow Evidently Chicken Town by John Cooper Clarke…rediculous……its art.
    So this is prob more your level of acceptance…why ask if we cant answer?

    I remember ’62
    I was sixteen and so were you
    And we lived next door,
    On the avenue.
    Jerry Lee was big and Elvis too;
    Blue jeans and blue suede shoes,
    And we never knew
    What life held in store.
    We just wanted to rock ‘n’ roll forever more.

    We were the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids
    And Rock ‘n’ Roll was all we did
    And listening to those songs on the radio;
    I was yours and you were mine
    But that was once upon a time,
    Now we never seem to Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore.

  28. Freestyle

    We come to be kind
    To be warm here and after
    We’ve been out
    But we’re back
    Because we’re graced in these matters
    And we’ll rise.

    Mic, we hardly knew ye.

    1. Freestyle

      Just saw the request to include the artist, this is Heyday by Mic Christopher, late of the Bronx and Clondalkin.

  29. Hugh Am I

    she walked across the dancefloor that night
    she was dressed to kill
    she was a sexy lady
    she had to get her thrill
    how’d she get him, how’d she know
    with all the music, the beat, the tempo
    she was all up for that night
    she was in for a fright
    she said, greetings
    hold tight for the new jam
    hold tight with the mic in the left hand
    it’s me, I’m up on the groove tip
    are you ready now move to the roof now life
    it has no meaning
    are you ready now move to the madness
    this party night to you
    we bring this groove to you
    are you ready now move to the groove
    put your hands up in the air
    one simple question to ask y’all
    ARE. YOU. READY……???

  30. Derval

    “Beat stress and rebalance your life
    Make those dreams come true
    Impress all your colleagues and friends
    With the brand new you
    So many lives condemned for no need
    ‘Cause people don’t buy the right magazine
    Take a look in the mirror and see
    Exactly how worthless you are

    In a rut? Can’t get out? Don’t know why?
    It’s time to make that change
    Cover up all the pain in your life
    With our new product range
    So please don’t feel blue – let us show you how
    To talk yourself into a good mood right now
    Feeling sad is no longer allowed
    No matter how worthless you are

    And if your life depresses you
    Just live it through your favorite movie star

    Beat stress and rebalance your life
    All you need to do
    Is forget all the useless advice
    And live your life for you
    Don’t let them sell you impossible dreams
    Don’t be a slave to the beauty regime
    Look again in the mirror and see
    Exactly how perfect you are”
    Neil Hannon – Divine Comedy – The Beauty Regime

    “The cars in the churchyard are shiny and German
    Completely at odds with the theme of the sermon
    And all through communion I stare at the people
    Squeezing themselves through the eye of the needle”
    Neil Hannon – Eye of the Needle

  31. Clampers Outside!

    ‘Celebrate’ by An Emotional Fish

    Some great lines in the whole song… but this is the second verse :)

    “His essential complications are hung up and confused
    It’s a planet full of traffic lights and traffic light abusers
    But that’s no stranger than strange
    Or any other stranger

    He claims it’s dangerous to be innocent ’cause you’re the victim every time
    Histories of insanity intruding on the sane

    This party’s over
    I’m going home”

  32. Clampers Outside!

    Needs no introduction :)

    “Eat natural foods, bathe twice daily,
    Fill your nostrils up with gravy.
    Don’t drink tea and don’t drink coffee.
    Cover your chin in yorkshire toffee.”

  33. Joxer

    daylight peeping thorough the curtains
    of the passing nightime is your smile
    the sun in the sky is like your laugh

    in fact any of the lyric in Nancy Spain

  34. IsMise

    “Oh you can hold her eggs
    But your basket has a hole
    You can lie between her legs and go looking for
    Tell her you’re searching for her soul
    You can wait for ages
    Watch your compost turn to coal
    Time is contagious
    Everybody’s getting old”

    Coconut Skins – Damo Rice

  35. froinky

    Came down to the city
    Where I worked for many a year
    Built a hundred houses
    Must have pulled about a million pints of beer
    Livin under suspicion
    Puttin up with the hatred and fear in their eyes
    You can see that you’re nothing but a murderer.
    Yah in their eyes, were nothin but a bunch of murderers

    Paul Brady – nothin but the same old story

  36. lois

    I swear I feel a peaceful feeling
    In the warmth of your kiss

    Dancing lessons Sinead O’ Connor

    cause i’m a sap, a proud one

  37. Otis Blue

    ‘protestant or catholic’
    Cried a voice from the crowd
    ‘not you again St Peter’
    I was thinking aloud
    Should have packed my bags
    Headed off for the coast
    Had my time already come
    To meet the heavenly host?
    They switched on their halos
    Adjusted their harps
    Checked that the blades
    On the pearly gates were sharp
    I asked them what they meant
    About religious bent
    They said ‘that’s the test’
    I said ‘that’s the test-ah-meant’

    They were giving holy orders
    I think you’ll find
    I was up against persuasion
    Of the religious kind

    It was hailing marys
    At the drop of a tract
    Said the 7 deadly sins
    Were staying round at my flat
    I pondered on the churches
    Of England and Rome
    Hadn’t paid the rent
    For my spiritual home
    Needed guidance from the leaders
    Whose names I knew
    And John player number two
    I quaked in my sackcloth
    Threw away my joss-stick
    Burned my koran and said I was agnostic
    ‘I mean an atheist’ I cried
    As they moved in for the kill
    The walls tumbled down as they
    Handed me the bill

    They weren’t impressed
    With my distinctions
    I think you’ll find
    That I was up against persuasion
    Of the religious kind

    A lamb to the slaughter
    A human sacrifice
    I told their spiritual leader
    His sceptre looked nice
    A hymn book skimmed my ear
    But I was only grazed
    I dived for cover
    As the sawn-off bibles blazed
    In the gore I gasped
    ‘was it something I said?’
    Then a solid granite altar
    Hit me on the head
    A collection plate plunged into my groin
    They marched off discussing
    The battle of the Boyne

    As I expired I was thinking
    They’d been rather unkind
    But I was up against persuasion
    Of the religious kind

    Bleeding and naked
    I was somewhat at a loss
    The good samaritan was drinking
    At the sign of the cross
    Recalling their question I felt totally alone
    As I peered out from underneath
    The tablets of stone
    In the gutter lay the crushed
    Remains of a bible
    It proclaimed their grievances
    Were purely tribal
    They made me see the light
    For that I offer my thanks
    I was collared by the dogs
    Now I’ve joined their ranks

    Onward christian soldiers
    I hope you don’t mind
    Being afflicted by religion
    Of the persuasive kind

    Now if you’re visiting some Irish town
    The politicians’ heads stuck in the ground
    And the only bell ringing has a graveyard sound

    Someone’s got to stand up or
    Nothing’s gonna change
    Till religion
    Is rearranged

    Andy White – Religious Persuasion

  38. Smashmouth

    “Oh Jessie hold on, just hold on and on and on and on

    oh Jessie be strong, just hold on and on and on and on”

  39. Kieran NYC

    “Dey all luv meh! Dey all luv meh!
    Dem girls, dem girls, dey all luv me!”

    Zig & Zag – Them Girls

  40. Otis Blue

    Imagine waking unaware
    the light of heaven touched your hair
    morning struggled sun was here and gone
    born into empty air the signals changed the engines flared
    there’s a place you know i’m always there

    The Stars of Heaven – Lights of Tetouan

  41. Mick Flavin

    It might be somewhere in the previous replies, but I don’t have time to read through them…

    Van Morrison: “Astral Weeks”

    If I ventured in the slipstream
    Between the viaducts of your dream
    Where immobile steel rims crack
    And the ditch in the back roads stop

    Could you find me?
    Would you kiss-a my eyes?
    To lay me down
    In silence easy
    To be born again
    To be born again

      1. Mick Flavin

        I was torn between the two, Mani, but I went for the above because the words jump into my mind whenever I think of the album as a whole…What an opening couplet especially…

        1. Mani

          People tend to look at the paedo-glasses wearing fat troll he’s become rather than the sublime vocalist and songwriter he was in his prime. In fairness to Van his work with Them is often overlooked too. Especially their cover of it’s all over now baby blue (sampled by beck, pop pickers).

  42. Anne

    I’m dancing the seven veils
    Want you to pick up my scarf
    See how the black moon fades
    Soon I can give you my heart
    I don’t know no shame
    I feel no pain
    I can’t see the flame
    But I do know Man-din-ka
    I do know Man-din-ka
    I do know Man-din-ka
    I do
    They’re throwing it all this way
    Dragging it back to the start
    And they say, “See how the glass is raised?”
    I have refused to take part
    I told them “drink something new”
    Please let me pull something through

    Ms Sinead O’Connor.

  43. Derval

    Very broad of shoulder, slightly less of mind
    Here is the boy she left behind
    His the behind she left before she met me.. honestly

    And he says “hey” and I say “what”
    And he says, “What cha got that I ain’t got?”
    And I say “pardon?” and he says “Hey!, what’s she see in you anyway?”

    And I say
    “Well I’m sexy as hell, I’m an excellent lover and reasonable cook,
    She likes my wit, and the way that I spit
    And she adores the narratorial voice of my book
    Her love of my lyrics is only surpassed
    By her great admiration for my vocal inflections
    She approves of my charity, complexional clarity
    Dress sense, intelligence, all day erections
    Delights in my habit of quoting from Nabokov
    Can’t get enough of my Old-World gentility,
    Thinks that my sketches of local letches,
    Show an exceptional technical facility,
    Found it charming that on my disarming a recent intruder
    at four in the morning
    I fined him his trousers, wallet and gun,
    let him off with a warning, and forgot to tell anyone,

    Some if not all of these characteristics
    Led to her lipstick being on me.”

    Julian Gough – Charm and Arrogance by Toasted Heretic

  44. The Walsh

    Whipping Boy song we don’t need nobody else from the album heartworm:

    “I hit you for the first time today
    I didn’t mean it
    It just happened
    You wouldn’t let me go to the phone,
    You wanted to make love and I did not
    Now I know the distance between us
    Christ we weren’t even fighting, I was just annoyed
    Silence and you started to cry, that really hurt
    You said, yeah and you thought you knew me”

  45. Lilly

    Delaney’s gone back on the wine
    For too many years he’s been marching in line
    Now he’s like all those other bums
    Sorry but so glad to be alone

    Mary Coughlan


  46. Dave

    No one mentioned Mick Hanley.. Loads of great lyrics..
    This one about school and the Christian Bros.

    We were lured by the rockin horse
    Sweets and boula bos
    Fifty wild boys to a room
    Sing lamh lamb eile, the dish ran away with the spoon.

    And they made me, for better or worse
    The fool that I am or the wise man to be
    And they made me, a blessing or curse
    It wasn’t their fault I was me
    Not the one that you see.

    Brilliant songwriter.

  47. Caroline

    You could have took the earth the moon the sun and the stars
    But you’ve been taking vows of poverty in VIP bars

    Republic of Loose, All Mine

  48. Casey

    Last night I dreamed you were back again
    Larger than life again, holding me tight again
    Placing those same kisses on my brow
    Sweeter than ever now, lord I remember how
    Couldn’t get enough of kissing, do you know how much you’re missing
    No you don’t, but I do

    Mick Hanly although having heard Mary Coughlan sing it live, hers is my favorite rendition.

  49. Anne IN not FROM London for kids that don't read so good (form. just Anne)

    I don’t mind if culture crumbles
    I don’t mind if religion stumbles
    I can’t hear the speakers mumble
    And I don’t mind at all

    I don’t care if the Third World fries
    It’s hotter there I’m not surprised
    Baby I can watch whole nations die
    And I don’t care at all

    I don’t mind I don’t mind I don’t mind I don’t mind
    I don’t mind I don’t mind
    I don’t mind at all

    Na na na , …

    Sah’Bob – The Great Song Of Indifference


  50. Anne

    I dreamed myself from the sultry plains
    to the old green square back in old Maybole
    Rode the wind up to Stornaway
    paused at the peak, pacified my soul
    Caught the bus at the faery fort
    made it to the mansion on the Boyne
    See I come around to the ancient ways
    I took a tip from the buddha boy

    We came down from the hill of dreams
    Bernadette, mother earth and you and me
    through Carraroe, down the wildwood side
    blinding out eyes in the shallow seas
    Drank fire with the King of the Blues,
    plugged in to the medicine way
    Took a long last look at Crazy Horse
    push now for a golden age

    I found myself on the roof of the world
    just waiting for to get my wings
    Strange angel in the changing light
    said “;Brother, you forgot something!”;
    My heart beat from the inside out
    so lucky just to be alive!
    Can you tell what I’m talking about?
    any day now the Sun’s gonna rise

  51. Formerly known as

    “5 honours and a 175”
    by the Alsations, circa 1980

    It’s been about 25 years since I heard the song, so I am a bit rusty on the lyrics.

    5 honours and a 175
    an education and a licence to drive

    leather jacket
    first wage packet

    Ooh what a lover
    oooh what a Summer
    It’s gonna take me all winter to recover

    I’ve got 5 honours and a 175
    an education and a licence to drive

  52. Anne

    no one’s gonna ruin my night ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper/ no one’s gonna ruin my day ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper/ ah man you can’t ruin my day ’cause you’re a twisted little bitter little fupper/ i won’t let you wreck my head/ ’cause you’re a twisted little bitter little fupper/ go go fupp yourself/ go go fupp yourself/ no bouncers gonna ruin my night ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper/ no skanger’s gonna ruin my day ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper/ go go fupp yourself/ go go fupp yourself/ ah ah ah ah ah ah/ you’re not gonna ruin my night/ twisted little bitter little fupper/ you’re not gonna ruin my day/ twisted little bitter little fupper/ you’re not gonna ruin my week/ twisted little bitter little fuppers/ you’re not gonna rule my life/ twisted little bitter little fuppers/ go go fupp yourself/ go go fupp yourself/ you’s can all see them i am not alone/ they’re the undead/ i feel sorry for their children/ ah ah ah ah ah ah/ no bouncers gonna ruin my night ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper / no skanger’s gonna ruin my day ’cause he’s a twisted little bitter little fupper/ go go fupp yourself/ go go fupp yourself/ ah ah ah ah ah ah/ go go fuck yourself…

    (Did I get um all?)
    The Bionic Rats.

  53. Anne

    this is a warning/ a warning/ dont let bad garda shit con ya/ this is a warning/ a warning/ dont let bad garda shit on ya/

    Bionic Rats.

    1. Otis Blue

      Regina, Regina rubs her thighs together
      She made three wishes and they all came true
      The middle one ended in a W
      The first one began with a kiss kiss kiss
      The last one ended in a pulverized fist

      Fatima Mansions

  54. Hank

    “I miss your smile, I miss your face,
    Squinting eyes, cider taste,
    Late night texts, can’t fall asleep,
    Grab both arms, I call for keeps”

    Waiting Room – Angel

  55. Freestyle

    This is the day the fisherman likes and so do I
    when the rain puts a shine on the chestnut spikes and Curlews cry,
    the Nightingale sings her best,
    we’ll drink a pint in Hamilton’s Rest
    The girl I love wore a muslin dress and
    the fishermen dream of the sun in the west
    and So Do I.

    So Do I – Christy Moore (written by Wally Page)

  56. realPolithicks

    Faithful Departed
    (Phil Chevron)

    This graveyard hides a million secrets
    And the trees know more than they can tell
    The ghosts of the saints and scholars will haunt you
    In heaven and in hell
    Rattled by the glimmer man, the boogieman, holy man
    Livin’ in the shadows and the shadows of a gunman
    Rattle like the coppers in your greasy till
    Rattle til the time stood still
    Look over your shoulder; hear the school bell ring
    Another day of made-to-measure history
    I don’t care if your heroes have wings
    Your terrible beauty’s been torn

    Faithful departed
    We fickle hearted
    As you are now
    So once were we
    Faithful departed
    We the meek hearted
    With graces imparted
    Bring flowers to thee

    The girls in the kips proclaim their love for you
    When you stumbled in they knew you for a shilling or two
    They curse you on Sundays and holy days
    When you all stayed away
    You slept there naked; light bulb hid your shame
    The shadows on the wall they took all the blame
    The sacred hearts picture compassion in his eyes
    Drowned out the river of sighs
    The grass grow green on the brewery tonight
    Never come between the darkness and the light
    There is no pain that can’t be eased
    By the devil’s holy water and the rosary beads

    You’re a history book, I never could write
    Poetry in paralysis too deep to recite
    Bless yourself and dress yourself; you’ve won the fight
    We’re going to celebrate tonight
    We’ll even climbed the pillar like we always meant to
    Watch the sun rise over the strand
    Close our eyes and we’ll pretend
    It could somehow be the same again
    I’ll bury you upright so the sun doesn’t blind you
    You won’t have to gaze at the rain and the stars
    Sleep and dreams of chapels and bars
    And whiskey in the jar

    Faithful departed
    Look what you started
    An underdog’s wounds
    Aren’t so easy to mend
    Faithful departed
    There’s no broken hearted
    And no more distress
    In your world without end

  57. Jonny P

    fight like apes lyrics:

    “Lend me your face”
    Would you like a fresh rolled cigarette
    I rolled it up myself and put some gusto into flippin it
    Would you smoke it in bed
    Wanna fill you up with petrol
    And take off like a jet

    Lend me your face
    Lend me your face
    Lend me your face
    I’ll bust it up and I’ll replace it

    “Pull Off Your Arms And Lets Play In Your Blood Lyrics”

    When you were playing dollies, I was acting up in the park
    You’re not into older men but I guess no one looks old in the dark
    You know they say that things can change for the best
    Well, I detest your fucking stories, I’d love to have a shot at your chest

  58. Gaz

    Fate doesn’t hang on a wrong or right choice
    Fortune depends on the tone of your voice
    So sing while you have time
    Let the song shine down from above
    And fill you with songs of love

  59. Gaz

    They say the skies of Lebanon are burning,
    Those mighty Cedars bleeding in the heat,
    They’re showing pictures on the Television,
    Women and children dying in the street,
    And we’re still at it in our own place,
    Still trying to reach the future through the past,
    Still trying to carve tomorrow from a tombstone…
    But hey ! Don’t listen to me !
    This wasn’t meant to be no sad song,
    We’ve heard too much of that before,
    Right now I only want to be here with you,
    Till the morning dew comes fall
    I want to take you to the Island,
    And trace your footprints in the sand,
    And in the evening when the sun goes down,
    We’ll make love to the sound of the ocean.
    They’re raising banners over by the markets,
    Whitewashing slogans on the shipyard walls,
    Witchdoctors praying for a mighty showdown,
    No way our holy flag is gonna fall,
    Up here we sacrifice our children,
    To feed the worn out dreams of yesterday,
    And teach them dying will lead us into glory…
    Repeat Chorus.
    Now I know us plain folks don’t see all the story,
    And I know this peace and love’s just copping out,
    And I guess these young boys dying in the ditches,
    Is just what being free is all about,
    And how this twisted wreckage down on main street,
    Will bring us all together in the end,
    And we’ll go marching down the road to freedom … freedom …

    Paul Brady – The Island

  60. Kev Mc

    ‘I’ve never hurt a girl in my life,
    so if i hurt ya then its only cause i want you for life’
    -Mick Pyro, Republic of Loose

    ‘I’m not over you, can i get back under’
    -Paul Noonan, BellX1

  61. j9

    Where e’er we go we celebrate
    the land that makes us refugees
    from fear of priests with empty plates
    from guilt and weeping effigies …

    Philip Chevron – Thousands are Sailing

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